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Awe and Wonder in Science

Every Wednesday afternoon Miss Hattersley visits a different class to teach them science whilst their class teacher has release time to work on the subject they lead. There are only two rules – lessons must be in science and they must be fun – making the children go Wow!

The idea behind the activities is to give the children the opportunity to take part in practical, fun investigations that encourage the children to want to be scientists.

4C prove to be fantastic scientists 

This week 4c worked with Miss Hattersley to explore chemical reactions. Outside we tried add mento mints to bottles of coke and watched what happened when the carbon dioxide in the cola attached itself to the mints causing the cola to erupt from the bottle. Back... read more

Going batty about bats in Year 1

Miss Hattersley joined 1S on Wednesday afternoon to share with them some cool science activities. Year one are reading Owl babies at the moment and learning about nocturnal animals, so Miss Hattersley themed their session all around bats. They started by listening to... read more

Volcanoes erupt in Year 4

Year 4 have been making things erupt this week in Science with Miss Hattersley. After watching Miss Hattersley make cola erupt by adding mentoes before learning about acids and alkalies and making their own eruptions using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. They... read more

Blowing Bubbles – 5N

5N made their own bubble maker using string and a drinking straw then explored different recipes for bubble solution. They tested 4 different bubble solutions – each one made with a different washing up liquid brand, warm water and glycerin. Their task was to... read more