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Year Two

2MS Mrs Maxfield – Teacher Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Mrs Stacey – Teacher Thursday and Friday

Miss Craddy – Teaching Assistant

2M Mrs Mawson – Teacher

Mrs Bottomley – Teaching Assistant

Literacy and Numeracy

In literacy and numeracy children are following the national strategies. A greater emphasis is now placed on spelling and grammar in Literacy and on mental calculation, problem solving and reasoning skills in maths, including knowing the two, three, five and ten times tables by heart.



Topic 1 – Australia and me


Children will begin to develop an understanding of the context of the United Kingdom and the wider world using world maps, globes and atlases. They will explore and research similarities and difference comparing our own city of Leeds with Canberra in Australia focusing on the human and physical Geography of both cities. Children will study the city of Leeds to gain an understanding of their own heritage.

In Science children will learn about the life cycle of plants and animals and in ICT children will work on staying safe on the internet.


Topic 2 – London’s Burning

Children will learn about the Great Fire of London as an event beyond living memory that is significant nationally. They will also consider ways in which we find out about the past using a variety of sources for example Samuel Pepys diary and contemporary art. They will be introduced to thinking about the reliability of sources.

In Science children will explore the uses of different materials and will investigate how materials can be changed by heating and cooling.

In ICT children will work on programming a floor turtle, learning to give accurate commands to create routes, patterns and shapes.



Topic 1 – Inspirational people

Children will learn about the lives of significant people in History comparing the life and work of Florence Nightingale and that of Mary Seacole. Children will also deepen their knowledge by learning about the importance of Florence Nightingale’s work and the continued impact of her legacy today.

In Science children will deepen their knowledge about animas including humans and will learn about basic needs of animals to survive and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In ICT children will begin to record and edit videos.


Topic 2 – On land and under the sea.


Children will further their knowledge in Science about living things and their habitats. They will explore a variety of different habitats and will consider how different habitats provide for the needs of different animals and plants. They will learn about how animals and plants depend on each other to survive.

In Geography children will revisit work on the UK and Australia building upon their existing knowledge of each country. They will study aspects of the Great Barrier Reef for example animals, plant life and climate, contrasting this with the coastal areas of the UK. In ICT children will deepen their knowledge of programming skills.



Topic 1 – Transport now and then


Children will study transport to learn about aspects of change in national life. They will learn about the changes in popular transport linked to the changes in power.

In Geography children will investigate transport links including roads, rivers railways and canals. They will use simple compass directions and locational and directional language to describe the location of features and to describe routes.

In ICT children will start to use devices to record and use sound.


Topic 2 The world garden


Children will observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants. They will have opportunities to plant a variety of different plants and will carry out investigations related to plant needs. They will compare Australian plants and plants from around the world with common UK plants studying the differing conditions they need to thrive and grow. Children will also look at plants native to the UK and to learn more about plant habitats.

In ICT children will learn how people communicate using different devices on the internet and what devices use the internet.


Parental Involvement

Parents are made aware of current learning in Year 2 via termly newsletters, homework books and reading diaries.

Children are set weekly home learning tasks in Literacy, Maths and in topic as appropriate. Parental support with this is both valued and appreciated.


Year 2 – Latest News

Celebrating Black History with Year 2

This morning the hall was packed with parents and children to watch the year 2 assembly. Year 2 have been learning about Mary Seacole and how she helped soldiers in the Crimea War as a nurse. We learned she travelled from Jamaica to England and then on to Turkey. She... read more

Year 1/2 Singing Show

Mrs Ellerby came into her own this morning with a spectacular singing show in front of over 40 happy, smiley parents. They sang with gusto and confidence. What talent we... read more

Y2’s mini beast hunt

Y2 welcomed the RSPB into school today to go on a mini beast hunt. They were amazed at what they found with a magnifying glass. They took real care collecting the samples. Real awe and wonder. Thanks Ms Hattersley for arranging this... read more

Y2 assembly on Anthony Browne Willy the Wizard

Y2 wowed the 45 parents, carers and sharers today with their awesome assembly on Anthony Browne Willy the Wizard . They spoke beautifully and celebrated the end of their KS1 journey in style . I’m so proud watching these children grow from Reception... read more

Key Stage One have Christmas with the aliens!

Our brilliant Key Stage One children put on a fabulous singing performance of Christmas with the aliens for a packed hall of their parents and carers. All their many hours of practising, learning their lines and singing lessons with Mrs Ellerby have really paid... read more

They know school is cool!

2MS and 4C know that its cool to be in school and celebrated on Friday being our attendance winners with a fantastic 98.8% attendance. Here they are celebrating with Parky the Parklands... read more

Bonfire, Fireworks and Gunpowder Plot!

Last week Year 2 did a fantastic job of explaining to us all the history behind Bonfire Night celebrated on the 5th December each year. We learnt all about Guy Fawkes and his plot, listened to firework poems, marvelled at their artwork and learnt how to stay safe on... read more