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Year Four

4C Mr T Cunliffe – Teacher

Mrs Sandhu – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Joseph – HLTA AM

4B Mr Buckle – Teacher

Mrs Thackray – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Joseph – HLTA AM

Homework and Reading

Homework will be sent home every Friday. This could either be Literacy or maths based. Children will take home a reading book every week which they will choose themselves. All the books are colour banded and levelled. Please take time to read with your child and fill out the jungle reading records. If you have any questions or would like support please feel free to come in and have a chat. So that we can organise the changing of books, could you please make sure book bags are in school on every day.


Children will be given spellings on a Monday, followed by a test on Friday. To practice, each child is given a look, cover, spell & check sheet to take home.


Our topic this half term is based on the continent South America and in particular the country Peru. The children will develop their geographical skills by locating environmental regions such as rainforests and deserts. A walk around the local area will take place this half term so that the children are able to use their fieldwork skills to identify and understand comparisons between Seacroft and Peru. The following questions and many more will be answered: Who lives there? What is the climate like? What is the culture of the area? What plants and animals are native to the area? What are the habitats of the animals in Peru? How are they adapted to Peru’s mountains, rivers or plains? How do people in Peru use the land? What do they export? There will also be an exciting opportunity to taste different types of foods from this Continent- a lesson that is not to be missed! Please inform the school office, or class teacher, if your child has any food allergies.

Our topic during the second half of this half term is a continuation of our work about South America however our main focus will be the ancient Aztecs, who were a Native American civilisation from Mexico. We will explore where they came from, what they ate, where they lived and what they believed in. We borrow some interesting artefacts from Artemis Museum to help support our learning. In Science this half term we will learn more about how the human body works and begin to understand the jobs of the different organs of the body. To help us get the topic off to a great start we will be visiting Eureka Science Museum in Halifax. It is a super place and has lots of ‘hands on’ learning opportunities for the children. I am sure they will have lots to tell you when they get back!


Our learning during the first half term in spring will be based on the topic of the Roman Empire by AD42 and the power of its army and locations such as Caerwent. The children will investigate and examine Julius Caesar’s attempted invasion in 55-54 BC, the successful invasion by Claudis and the conquest of Hadrian’s Wall. They will also develop their artistic and team work skills by creating Roman Mosaics to be displayed in areas around school. In Science, the children will compare and group materials together, according to whether they area solids, liquids and gases. Children will investigate changes in states of matter when they are heated or cooled and research the temperature at which this happens in degrees Celsius. The children will visit the science exploratory centre- Magna, which is in Sheffield to support their learning within this topic. A trip not to be missed!

During the second half term, the children will have the exciting opportunity to participate in an educational visit focused around outdoor learning in the countryside for a few days. This visit will enable the children to explore scientific methods, processes and skills using practical real life experiences and will be closely linked to learning at school. Children will recognise that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways and that environments can change which can cause danger to plants and animals. They will explore and use classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things in their local and wider environment.


In the final term our topic will be ‘River deep, Mountain high’. This topic is all about engaging with the world around us. Children will consider the water cycle, and use a wide range of geographical and scientific skills both in and out of the classroom. In our art we will be using watercolour to creatively interpret the flow of a river, as well as looking at a range of famous watercolour artists. As well as this, in history, Year 4 are investigating the 1920s – the era of swing dance and post war jazz. Children will take part in a dance class and put on a performance for the rest of the school.


Year 4 – Latest News

Y3/4 Beautiful Carol Service

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Exploring South America with Year 4

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How does your garden grow?

Our garden is doing fabulously, after lots of hard work from children in Years 3 and 4 we are starting to harvest some delicious vegetables which will be making their way into Born and Bred vegetable boxes very... read more

Y3 Y4 Space Station Omega

Y3 Y4 relayed their fab singing show all the way from Space Station Omega! The good news is that Captain K and the Starship Marines saved the day! Beautiful singing from two soloists and amazing chorus work. ‘Out of this world’ props were made by Mrs Duffy... read more

Y4 Class Assembly

Y4 treated us all to mesmerising Class Assembly. Wow, their voices were incredible as we were treated to brilliant interactive facts on Mountains; Rivers; the Food Chain and of course the Novel Study – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory …... read more

Y4 Trip to Leeds University

Year 4 T Visited Leeds University and took part in the ‘ Bee is for Biodiversity’ workshop, where children explored the virtual beehive as well as looked at real bees and learned a lot about them. ” I would definitely go to Leeds University when I am... read more

Y4 Ministry of Chocolate workshop

Y4 had a wonderful morning this morning doing a Ministry of Chocolate workshop as part of their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory topic. Their was lots of hands on learning seeing where and how chocolate is created before making their own ….. I left after the... read more