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Year Six

6D Mrs Darley – Teacher

Miss Hattersley – Teacher – Mon PM, Tues PM, Wed AM

Mrs Palmer – Teaching Assistant

6R Mrs Rennison – Teacher

Mrs Hills – Teaching Assistant


Maths – Place Value, ordering numbers, 2D shapes and angles, mental and written multiplication and division, fractions, ratio and proportion, tables, pictogram, reasoning and explain, handling data, money, calculator skills, problem solving.

Literacy – poetry including haikus and simile poems, descriptions, short stories, biographies and diaries linked to our work on the Tudors.

Topic – Terrible Tudors and Europe and the Med.

Science –Animals including humans (the heart and circulatory system), Classifying animals and plants.



Maths – Place value of decimals, ordering and rounding decimals, measuring mass/weight/capacity, doubling, halving, mental multiplication and division, multiply and divide, percentages, 2D and 3D shape, Venn and Carroll diagrams, time, sequences and patterns.

Literacy – diaries, recounts and letters linked to our work on WW2, as well as newspaper reports, arguments, discussion, reports, explanations, more stories, writing about the residential and lots of descriptive writing, SATs preparation

Topic –The Final Countdown and PGL residential

Science – Light, Evolution and Inheritance



Maths – Subtraction, addition, negative numbers, calculator skills, place value, doubling, halving, division and multiplication, time, money, timetables, fractions, Decimals, Percentage, Ratio/proportion, Symmetry, Translation, transformation, rotation & reflection, Co-ordinates, Reasoning and explaining. Tables, Probability, Mean, mode & median, Bar line chart, Problem solving.

Literacy – more story writing, play writing, instructions.

Topic – Aztecs and Eruptions and Disruptions.

Science – Electricity and Working Scientifically


Year 6 – Latest News

Amazing Claymation in Year 6…

Year 6 are working on an animation unit in Computing this half term, they have planned their own stop frame animations in a storyboard and this week began crafting the clay figures who will appear in their animations along with any props and sets they will need. We... read more

Flying high with drones in Key Stage 2

Children in Year 6 and across Key Stage 2 enjoyed working with Brett Jackson from Teach 24 today. They learned about using algorithms to program computers and to use algorithms to pilot a drone from helipad to helipad. The children were brilliant pilots where as a... read more

Y6’s new benches

After our benches were stolen from our quad – Y6 have been building the donated benches from our supporters . This took them 9... read more

The Ugly Duckling by Parklands Y6

Quite simply the best show that I have seen in 22 years of teaching! Mr Bethell worked with Y6 on producing the Show of the Year. The stage was created and built by Y6; the puppet movement was Y6; the singing – yes Y6 and all the filming ; music and lights were... read more

Y6 meet the Transport Police

Y6 teamed up with Leeds United Football Club this morning in highlighting the dangers of Train Lines and highlighting the great job that the Transport Police do in keeping us all... read more

PHSE sessions about growing up

The brilliant Theatre in Education gave the children in Y5 Y6 a thought provoking with the challenges of teenage growing up. We are so proud to have these great guys based at our school. Gender issues, drug taking, DV all sensitively acted out... read more

Y6 PHSE project with GW Theatre

Y6 from both Seacroft Grange and Parklands shared a wonderful PHSE project with GW Theatre. Pre work on safeguarding was completed with a fantastic workshop and play. It was sensitive issues delivered in a way all children could relate... read more

Y6 Assembly

Celebrating the wonderful residential to Winmarleigh Hall. Singing, creative writing , videos , loves and... read more