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2021 In House Residential

2021 In House Residential

Residentials are everything here at Parklands, we see the impact that these have on children’s writing skills, teamwork, communication, and wellbeing. With COVID seeing all our residentials cancelled this year, we had to think out of the box… we had our own ‘in house residential’ provided by a residential provider, @LazerWarsNE. We are so glad we did.


Monday – Team Building

Our Year Six classes came together on Monday to form different teams to complete various missions. The children were working with others they do not usually participate with, yet came together to meet each different challenge head-on. These Year sixes did incredibly well as each child was tested on their problem-solving, decision-making and collaborative skills. Plus, it was Fun, Fun, Fun!

Mission 1: Cross the shark-infested river from one side to the other using two life support rings (hula -hoops). Each team member had to be in the ring to cross, Move the rings along, and then all team members climb to the life support before moving the last ring in front of them again.

Mission 2: Each team had to walk the path of DOOM! A team member created a route and mapped this down, concealing it from the others. The other team members had to guess the route by taking a single step on a colour square in each row. If they took a wrong step, the child was doomed to go back to the queue and re-start their path. As a team, the children had to figure out the correct way from start to finish.

Mission 3: Group Rope builder – Each team had to make different shapes with a single piece of rope and their bodies. Without knowing the shape’s name, a team member had to describe the properties of the shape that their team made.


Tuesday – Archery and Laser-Run

Year Six were shooting to the top on Tuesday with these activities.

Archery: The Year Sixes did not play with toys! They had the incredible opportunity to learn how to shoot a real bow and arrow. We never knew we had so many Robin Hoods at Parklands as our astonishing children hit the bullseye target! No apples on heads; the children learnt the safety code of archery and appreciated the English history connected with this sport and tool.

Laser-Run: An activity like no other – combining their shooting skills with track running and obstacle courses. Using real competition target laser guns, the children had the chance to improve their accuracy skills. The teams competed in races for points for their speed, endurance and accuracy for hitting the perfect target.


Wednesday – Fencing and Speed cones

Fencing: Not something we see every day; the activity began with understanding the discipline and respect in the fencing sport. The children were taught the footsteps and rules of the exercise and showed great enthusiasm in learning these new skills. Add in the French – En-garde and Allez, and these children were as good as the three musketeers. They had the opportunity to use actual fencing equipment (helmets and practice blades) and demonstrated a passion for acquiring a unique new talent. Like the instructor said, “Best class she has ever taught!”

Speed Cones: They had to move fast and quick to get all the lights before the time ran out. Not as simple as it looks! The children collected points for their teams through various chase activities. It didn’t always just rely on their speed. There were times when the children had to work together and required their logical thinking skills to work out the most efficient routes.


Thursday – Survival skills and bush-crafts

Unfortunately, the children took a trip on a sinking ship but managed to not drown from the harsh sea and made it safely onto a deserted island. What next? Well, the children had to survive!

Working in groups, the children had to pick an item they thought they would need to survive on an island. Do they need a map? Is a metal spoon better? Or perhaps the battery from a mobile phone? After discussing the advantages of every object, the children then had to assemble their shelter. Each group was given a tent with a few pegs and no instructions. They had to work together to organise and build their settlement.

Once the base had been established, the children had to work in pairs and create a map of their surroundings. No ink, no paper was available. However, the children had to use natural materials like sticks and leaves to create a map.

In the afternoon, the children had to light their fires for survival using flint and steel. Every child accomplished this. The children were shown other fire lighting techniques and witness some explosive methods. Once we had two warm fires lit, we got out the marshmallows – crispy and hot on the outside and gooey on the inside hmmmmm!

In the evening, we held a capture the flag tournament – 4 games of stealing the other team’s flag without getting caught! When everyone got hungry, we had our BQQ in the glorious weather. Once full, we played more fun games all the way up to 6:00 pm!


Friday – Laser wars Tournament 

Four teams were made, but only one became champions in our Laser wars Tournament. The KS2 playground was turned into a futuristic war zone, with walls, camouflage and a broken-down tank to duck behind. The teams were given weaponry from the future; these laser guns were not toys. This wasn’t laser tag; they could shoot over 200 metres away and had accurate targeting scopes.

While some teams were shooting at each other, the other teams were building bug hotels peacefully away from the warzone. Using acorns, string and a plank of wood, the children turned these into beautiful places for insects to reside.

Once world peace had been achieved, the children had a great afternoon watching a Movie and enjoying delicious snacks. What a fantastic way to end such a brilliant week!