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This year’s theme was ‘one kind word’.

Years 5 and 6 took part in anti-bullying workshops with Jessica from Openview Education. . These workshops covered the definition of bullying with reference to a power imbalance. They then explored how we use the power of kindness to effectively respond to bullying and conflict situations.

Year 4 learnt a song all about stopping bullying.

Year 2 discussed what bullying is and the different types of bullying. They also thought about what they would do if they were being bullied or if they saw another child being bullied. They wrote some acts of kindness.

Year 1 had a discussion about what it means to be kind, how to choose kindness every day and how to work well as a team. They worked in groups to discuss some scenarios where kind or unkind things might be happening and then they sorted the pictures together. There was some excellent team work and kindness towards each other and they have been looking out for children being extra kind this week, who have received a ‘caught being kind’ card to take home!

For Anti-Bullying Week in Year 3, we discussed what bullying is and how we would classify something as bullying. We discussed different scenarios and then shared our ideas about whether we thought they were bullying or not. We also looked at two nearly identical apples. We decided that we loved one apple and we all complimented the apple. We looked at the other apple and decided to insult it. Afterwards, we talked about how both apples still looked the same on the outside even though one had been subjected to bullying. We cut into both apples and were shocked by what we saw. One apple looked nearly perfect on the inside but the one which we previously insulted was badly bruised. We realised that just because someone may look happy on the outside, they could be badly hurt on the inside. They could feel extremely upset for a long period of time as a result of being bullied. Finally, we created an anti-bullying poster and discussed how we could all be kind towards each other.