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Anti Bullying Week

Anti Bullying Week

To introduce the week the children had an assembly called ‘The Bigger Picture’ which looked at different aspects of bullying and ways of resolving them. Follow-up activities in the classroom included- Acting out scenarios of bullying incidents and looking at ways of... read more

Y4 Anti Bullying Week

In 4BT we watched a film called ‘Wing’ on the literacy shed. With that we did a lot of role play and discussion around why it’s good to look different and we all need one another to fulfil our lives. We used a quote from the film to make a... read more

Y5 Anti Bullying Week

Today we learnt about the different forms of bullying. We found out about how we can stop bullying by becoming an UPstander rather than being a  bystander. This means that when we see bullying we stand up for what is right and help the ‘target’ to feel... read more

Y1 Anti Bullying Week

For anti-bullying week, Year 1 sorted pictures for how to be a good friend. We learnt lots about how to be kind and respect other people. We also used two different apples to show how our words effect others. We said mean things to the first apple, and kind things to... read more

Y3 Anti Bullying Week

Jo and Vicky helped us to define and understand what bullying is. “Bullying is when you purposefully and repeatedly hurt, humiliate or isolate someone else”. Through acting out scenes of physical and verbal bullying, including social exclusion, the... read more