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Award Winning Speech and Language Therapists – Mable

Award Winning Speech and Language Therapists – Mable

Parklands are proud to be using the new Award Winning Speech and Language Therapists – Mable. This is a new state of the art, interactive way of developing our children’s SLT needs. Basically the Speech Therapist is live on the screen completing the tasks and the children quite simply ADORE it.

“This is so brilliant, I don’t have anything like this at home.”

“The children can’t wait for their sessions to begin,” Miss Arian (TA) said, “they come in excited to learn, do a fun warm up activity before learning their new sounds. I am gaining skills by doing follow up sessions.”

The progress is easy to measure as it is simply a ‘click of a button’ away.

Parklands quite simply love Mable for changing our children’s lives for the better.

The children are very excited for the session to begin. The activities are fun and easy to use. The therapists are amazing, they very quickly build great relationships with the pupil and myself. I have gained loads of knowledge and can use their lessons, programs and resources to further assist the pupil in addition to their Mable session. It’s so great to see the children progressing and enjoying it, and being rewarded instantly with stars and games.”

As well as working with many year groups to help with speech and language, Mrs Taylor also helps many children with fine motor skills, information processing, understanding, and extending their vocabulary.




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