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Awe and Wonder in Science

Throughout the week, Miss Hattersley visits a different class to teach them science whilst their class teacher has release time to work on the subject they lead. There are only two rules – lessons must be in science and they must be fun – making the children go Wow!

The idea behind the activities is to give the children the opportunity to take part in practical, fun investigations that encourage the children to want to be scientists.

Science Week 2021

This year for British Science Week we had a whole school competition to find out which biscuit was the best ‘dunker’. The winner was to receive a brand new Tablet! Tesco kindly donated the packets of biscuits so every child would get a turn to dunk and eat a biscuit... read more

Science Videos

Miss Hattersley has been working hard at home to create science videos showing you all kinds of experiments you can try at home:   Viscosity Race Have you ever wondered how fast ketchup can run? Do you want to know if honey is faster than salad cream? Then try... read more

Y3 Things that float, glide and fly

Year 3 enjoyed a fun afternoon with Miss Hattersley talking about things that float, glide and fly. They looked at how a helicopter stays up in the air and made their own paper helicopter. We discovered that the smaller helicopters spin more quickly to the ground... read more

Y6 Bird adaptations

Year Six explored bird adaptations by investigating which foods different bird beaks are best suited to eating. They had six stations they had to move around and at each station their bird had to eat as much of the food as it could in one minute. At some stations it... read more

4BT Investigating forces

4BT have been investigating forces and practicing their scientific inquiry skills by building and testing and improving their own lollipop stick catapults. We discovered that the more lollipop sticks you add to your catapult the further your pom pom will fly. This is... read more

3JN learning about Gravity

3JN have been learning about gravity and testing their scientific enquiry skills using toast! They spent the afternoon investigating whether toast will land butter side up or butter side down when you drop it and discovered it depends on which way up it is before you... read more

Learning about the heart

There was a great deal of excitement in year 6 this week when the children deepened their learning about the heart by dissecting a lamb heart. We overcame our fears, extended our learning and saw all our heart facts in action. We were able to find and feel the... read more

Investigating air resistance in science

4BT worked with Miss Hattersley this week to investigate air resistance in science. They made their own paper helicopters and launched them by standing on the tables! There was then some great discussion on how they could adapt and change their helicopter to make it... read more

Uv investigation

Year 6 became space scientists exploring which materials best block UV light and could be used to protect astronauts in their space suits. They learned that UV is a type of non visible light from the sun which can damage our skin and cause cancer. We used UV sensitive... read more

Learning all about invertebrates

This week in club we loved learning all about invertebrates. We all made an octopus each and tried to see if it could fit through a tiny gap in its cave. We then added some bones to see if it could still get... read more

1S to the rescue

Disaster! – the Lego men had been trapped in the ice by the evil Ice-Man… 1S bravely rescued them from the kitchen with a little help from Miss Hattersley and brought them into the safety of their classroom. They then used their science skills to... read more

Science week 2019

Parklands’ Pond!! This year we were lucky enough to be awarded a grant from the British Science Council. We used this grant to build a pond on the school grounds. The pond is a fantastic resource that can be used by every year group to help them in their scientific... read more

Investigating Candy Canes

3JN and Miss Hattersley investigated yesterday what happens when you put a candy cane in different liquids. We made predictions about what we thought would happen then we put a candy cane in each of 4 different liquids: hot water, cold water, vinegar and oil. We... read more

Paper engineering in year 3

Year 3 worked with Miss Hattersley to investigate how to make the best paper helicopters. They discussed and agreed that the best helicopter would be the one that fell most slowly and steadily. They then tested different size helicopters and helicopters made from... read more

Year 2 explore chemical reactions

Year 2 had a great science session exploring what happens when you mix vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. They carried out an investigation to find out if adding more bicarbonate of soda creates a bigger reaction and discovered it... read more

1S learn about bats and owls

1S enjoyed learning all about bats and owls and how they hunt, they played bat and moth to learn about echo location, tried using their sense of smell to guess different scents and played different owl games to see if their hearing was as good as an owl. Did you know... read more

Ewww what is that?

6D were handed some strange furry objects in their science session, with the question “What are these and who makes them?” They were relieved to discover that they were not poo but in fact owl pellets. They discovered that owls swallow their prey whole and... read more

Paper Helicopters

5N investigated air resistance when they made their own paper helicopters, trying out different materials to see which ones flew the... read more

Can 1S rescue the jewels from Ice Man?

Ice Man has frozen Miss Hattersley’s jewels inside blocks of ice and 1S need to figure out the quickest way to get them back! We investigated how quickly the ice would melt in different places with the ice block left on the radiator melting the... read more

Clean Air with 2MS

2MS made their own superheroes and helped with the Leeds City Council campaign for clean air by encouraging people to leave their cars at home and cycle or walk to school... read more

Can cabbage teach you about acids and bases?

4C found out it can. They made an indicator solution using red cabbage and warm water and used it to find out if different substances were acids or bases. An indicator changes colour when you add an acid or a base. Some of the things we tried surprised us – did... read more

Floating Sweets?

In January 5N investigated which sweets float and which ones sink. They discovered that the denser sweets sank but the ones with more air holes in tended to float. They tried changing the shape of marshmallows to see if they could make them sink. It was harder than it... read more

4C try out Catapults

4C enjoyed trying out lollipop stick catapults and investigating how far they could make their pom pom travel if they added in extra lollipop sticks. It was great for practising our measuring skills... read more

Chromatography with Year 2

2MS had to solve the mystery of who stole the skittles… Miss Hattersley had a note from the thief saying they had eaten all the skittles but she didn’t know who wrote it. We gathered together all the black pens we could find and tested them using... read more

Exploring STEM through stories with Year 1

Year One looked at the story of the 3 little pigs and then using sweets and cocktail sticks built our own houses to withstand the Big Bad Wolf (Miss Hattersley’s hairdryer) blowing them down. We’re pleased to report that all the houses stayed standing up,... read more

Catapults Wow in Year 5

5 N explored forces by building their own lollipop stick catapults. We tried adding more lollipop sticks to our catapults (so that they pulled their load back further) and investigated how that affected the distance our pom poms travelled. What do you think we found... read more

4C prove to be fantastic scientists 

This week 4c worked with Miss Hattersley to explore chemical reactions. Outside we tried add mento mints to bottles of coke and watched what happened when the carbon dioxide in the cola attached itself to the mints causing the cola to erupt from the bottle. Back... read more

Going batty about bats in Year 1

Miss Hattersley joined 1S on Wednesday afternoon to share with them some cool science activities. Year one are reading Owl babies at the moment and learning about nocturnal animals, so Miss Hattersley themed their session all around bats. They started by listening to... read more

Volcanoes erupt in Year 4

Year 4 have been making things erupt this week in Science with Miss Hattersley. After watching Miss Hattersley make cola erupt by adding mentoes before learning about acids and alkalies and making their own eruptions using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. They... read more

Blowing Bubbles – 5N

5N made their own bubble maker using string and a drinking straw then explored different recipes for bubble solution. They tested 4 different bubble solutions – each one made with a different washing up liquid brand, warm water and glycerin. Their task was to... read more