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Bridlington trip 2018

On Wednesday 18th July the corridors of Parklands were empty, the classrooms dark and the offices shut. Because 7 coaches full of children (almost every child in the school – over 320) were on their way to Brid for the annual Parklands beach day.

After much singing, many “Are we nearly there yets?” we arrived to a beautiful, sunny, sandy beach. We went paddling – you would be amazed how wet you can get in 2 inches of water on the beach. We dug holes so deep we could hide inside them and not be seen. There were sandcastles, moats, long rivers – lots of children from across the year groups all working together.

We all enjoyed ice-creams, relaxed in the sun and enjoyed a picnic lunch. Before we knew it, it was time to board those buses again and head back to Leeds.

Some people think we’re crazy when we tell them we take the whole school to the beach for the day but everyone from dinner ladies to headteachers, reception to Year 6 all have such big smiles on their faces on the way home that we know we’re not crazy.

It’s our favourite day of the year, and this is Parklands, it’s where we make magic happen!

Enjoy your summer everyone and we can’t wait to see you in September.