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British Science Week

British Science Week

Last week Parklands took part in British Science Week, run by the British Science Association. The week celebrated science, technology, engineering and maths, and throughout the week the children took part in engaging activities and showcased their brilliant learning.

In our science week every stage of the school had a number of activities to do which were fun and interesting. Some of our experiments were in class and others outside. We carried out lots of practical investigations and were able to make observations and explain why certain things occur.

Some children carried out an investigation on how light is reflected using mirrors and torches. They wrote secret messages and read them using the mirrors!

Other activities required the children to use their knowledge of both maths and science. They consolidated their knowledge of equivalent fractions by planting seeds for our allotment. Having discussed the seed cycle, they planted courgette, marrow, squash and sweetcorn into seed trays. They then made predictions about germination using fractions. We can’t wait for them to grow!

The reception children also planted seeds. They learnt about the different things a plant needs to grow.

Some children had the chance to incorporate design and technology into their learning. Children had to use their knowledge of reflective materials to design a book bag to keep us safe when it is dark outside. The year one children also designed and built the houses of the Three Little Pigs and the teachers had to try and blow them down. They had to make predictions about which would stay standing then explain what they found out.

One class had a very important mystery to solve….Who ate Miss Hattersley’s skittles? They explored chromatography using skittles to separate colours into pigments.