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At Parklands Primary, we are committed to instilling British values in our students, and one of these core values is democracy. Our School Council plays a pivotal role in embodying this principle, giving students a platform to engage in the democratic process and actively contribute to the decisions that shape their school environment.

The School Council is a microcosm of the democratic society we aim to cultivate. Through the Council, students learn about the importance of expressing their opinions, respecting differing viewpoints, and participating in decision-making. They have a chance to voice their concerns, propose ideas, and collaborate to bring positive changes to the school community.

By electing representatives from different classes, we mirror the process of selecting leaders in a democratic society. Students exercise their right to vote, understanding that every voice matters. The Council meetings provide a forum where ideas are debated, decisions are made through collective agreement, and students witness first-hand the power of collaboration and compromise.

Participating in the School Council nurtures active citizenship and civic responsibility. It equips students with skills they’ll carry into adulthood, such as effective communication, negotiation, and advocacy. These experiences empower them to engage with the wider world as informed and responsible citizens who understand their role in shaping their community.

Ultimately, our School Council is a living example of democracy in action. It reflects our commitment to nurturing not only academic excellence but also character development. By promoting active participation, open dialogue, and respect for others’ opinions, we ensure that our students grow into individuals who embrace democratic values and contribute positively to the society they will one day lead.

Class elections are held three times a year and comprise of one representative from each class. Reception children join in the summer term. We are pleased to announce that the school council representatives for the autumn term are:-

Ronnie – Chair

Madison – Vice Chair

Kassandra – Treasurer

Bella – Secretary

Y1 – Eden

Y1 – Milan

Y2 – Rosie Leigh

Y2 – Amalia

Y3 – Isabel

Y3 – Bella

Y4 – Madison

Y4 – Jayden

Y5 – Kayden

Y5 – Blake

Y6 – Ronnie

Y6 – Kassandra

RP – Aara