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Mental Health Champions

Mental Health Champions

Mental Health Champions

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The Health and Wellbeing Team is part of Children’s Services at Leeds City Council. Its role is to support schools to empower children and young people to be active, safe, healthy and resilient individuals that support one another.

MindMate School Ambassador programme

The School MindMate Ambassador Programme is all about encouraging, and empowering, pupils to take a proactive role in improving social, emotional and mental health within their schools.

School MindMate Ambassadors will become role models and advocates who champion positive attitudes and behaviours and will lead by example and help to improve the social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of the whole school.

Kassandra & Kadie-Mae are our incredible Year 6 Mental Health Champions.
Both these children will make fantastic ambassadors for the school and will work brilliantly working with Mimdmate support to provide children with a child support.