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Covid Christmas (Eve Eve) 2020

This year will see a very different Xmas in every school in the country. Here at Parklands, it breaks our heart that we can’t do our traditional Xmas Eve Eve extravaganza, not being able to provide 800 meals for the community, not having Santa giving 800 presents out, not seeing the real-life reindeers on the school car park and not seeing the real unicorns walking around the hall will be heart-breaking… but we have a plan, we have a Parklands Plan!   Christmas and December are the most beautiful and best time of the year and this year will be no different for our wonderful children and families. This thread of events will showcase what we did to make Christmas different but just as spectacular. All social distancing will be followed and keeping bubbles together will be followed to ensure when we close, we are as safe as possible during the holiday. This is what you will find …..

  • Decorating the Xmas Tree – can we sing to create Christmas spirit and to light up the tree? All the 3 bubbles will sing separately at different times.
  • A Traditional Carol Concert – again in bubbles Both will be made into a short video to share with parents.
  • Every day in December is Christmas jumper day – meaning value for money for the expensive jumpers.
  • Every child has been donated a Santa hat so if you have not got a jumper, you are still dressed for Christmas.
  • Rock Kidz will be rocking the house down with live Bubble assesblies
  • Now Press Play will be taking our children on some wonderful Christmas journeys.
  • #AimHigh20 Festival will see a live steam event with @STE3AMco  where we celebrate art and creativity for a full weekend. I was lucky enough to get to perform with Boff Whalley from Chumbawumba.
“”HE GOT KNOCKED DOWN… But he got up again” Delighted to announce that the legendary @BoffWhalley of #Chumbawumba and @CommonersChoir is going to be part of: #AIMHIGH20 UK Tour and Festival #LoveStreaming from Leeds with @ChrisDysonHT singing cos he’s winning Info below https://t.co/5JJI2Hrggw
  • Christmas is not Christmas without the traditional Pantomime, M&M Productions are presenting a Covid safe Panto to all the 3 bubbles. “Oh yes they are.”
  • Christmas Parties will be in the hall again in Bubbles … and I am proud to say that we have secured Santa for 4 full days to give out 380 presents from Lapland. Thanks to Give a Gift for the donations.
  • Having food is essential over the holiday time, thus we are sending EVERY family home with a Winter Hamper, kindly donated and funded from Give a Gift. 251 hampers will zoom home on the last week of term.
  • A very generous person who wishes to stay anonymous gave the school £11400 meaning that every child in school will receive a voucher for £25 for to be spent at Aldi. These brilliant vouchers can only be spent on food as well.
Enjoy the thread….

12th Day of Christmas – 380 presents given by Santa

“On the 12th Day of Christmas my Parklands gave to me, 380 presents given by  Santa.” Well SANTA yesterday, today and tomorrow has distributed 380 brilliant gifts from @giveagiftleeds1 to ensure everyone has a present in the #CovidChristmas2020 .The excitement was off... read more

11th Day of Christmas – Vouchers for everyone

“On the 11th Day of Christmas my Parklands gave to me, vouchers for each and every child in school.” On top of the hampers, we are delighted to be sending home £11400 @AldiUK vouchers to the community … Every TA, cleaner, office staff, lunchtime supervisor,... read more

10th Day of Christmas – Panto!!

“On the 10th Day of Christmas my Parklands gave to me, the best Panto we have ever seen.” Quite simply @MandMTheatrical take a bow. #CovidChristmas has seen these guys innovate and produce an interactive Panto repeated to all bubbles. The Children adored it it was... read more

9th Day of Christmas – 300 Winter Hampers

“On the 9th Day of Christmas my Parklands gave to me, 300 Winter Hampers.” The best day I have ever had @ParklandsLeeds . We worked with @giveagiftleeds1 to provide a luxury box of goodies to every family and £11400 of vouchers ensuring #CovidChristmas is the best it... read more

8th Day of Christmas – A signed ‘66 World Cup shirt

“On the 8th Day of Christmas my Parklands gave to me, a signed ‘66 World Cup shirt.” Many thanks and what a gift – it’s off to be framed as we speak. Thanks to #GeoffHurst and #MartinPeters (RIP) for this gift – @ParklandsLeeds will cherish... read more

7th Day of Christmas – Mince pies for the Community

“On the 7th Day of Christmas my Parklands gave to me, a donation of mince pies for the community.” A huge thanks to all @coopuk #Meanwood #Leeds from all here at Parklands for the lovely – luxury mince pies … enough for everyone... read more

6th Day of Christmas – Bags of Presents

On the 6th Day of Christmas my Parklands gave to me, bags of presents from the lovely Asda. Thanks from all here at Parklands to the great guys @asda for the wonderful quality gifts and selection boxes…... read more

5th Day of Christmas – Lantern Making

“On the 5th Day of Christmas, my Parklands gave to me, Y4 lantern making. “ …. We are so lucky to have MrCunliffe to inspire these children. They are sensational. They were showcased live on the @ST3AMCo channel. Sensational Xmas... read more

4th Day of Christmas – Streaming Assemblies

“On the 4th Day of Christmas my Parklands gave to me, a day of live streaming assemblies…” What a day Dec 4th has been as we live stream all 7 assemblies. The morning started with creating enough Xmas spirit to turn on the Christmas Lights….... read more

3rd Day of Christmas – Decorate the Hall

“On the third day of Christmas my Parklands gave to me… TA’s decorate the hall.” Whilst we slept last night, the TA elves (socially distanced) were busy making a truly wonderful Winter Wonderland. Can’t wait to see the children’s faces tomorrow as we sing, sing... read more

2nd Day of Christmas – Magic Breakfast

“On the 2nd day of Christmas my Parklands gave to me, a Magic Breakfast fit for a King.” …. As the TAs decorated the hall ready for our special Friday x6 assemblies… the children were all treated to cereals and porridge from the great guys at the Magic... read more

1st Day of Christmas – Xmas Jumpers

“On the first day of Christmas my Parklands gave to me, a Christmas jumper every single day.” It’s Dec 1st so that means it’s the month of Christmas jumpers. Everyone has a hat to decorate so everyone is involved. This will be a Christmas to remember….... read more