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E Safety Week 2020

E Safety Week 2020
Alongside Anti Bullying Week we also held an E safety week. Miss Hattersley recorded a zoom assembly where she shared the alternative fairy story #Goldilocks written by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Tony Ross (published by Vodafone)
in #Goldilocks the star of our story Goldilocks is obsessed with getting likes for her photos and videos on social media. After a while people get bored of her silly family videos so she decides to break into the home of the three bears and we all know what happens next!
Goldilocks has shared all her exploits on social media so Daddy Bear and a policeman are soon knocking on her door!
We thought about how Goldilocks should have behaved online. Miss Hattersley introduced us to THINKS:
T – is it True
H – is it Helpful
I – is it Inspiring
N – is it Necessary
K – is it Kind
S – is it Safe
and explained how we should use this before we post anything online. The children in Year 6 wrote letters to Goldilocks telling her what they thought of her behaviour and explaining how she could use THINKS to be kinder and safer online.