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Fair Trade

Fair Trade

To finish our super Spring term, Parklands learnt all about Fairtrade and the need to spot the label.

Reception made tasty chocolate crispy buns using Fairtrade chocolate.

Year 1 made an amazing Fairtrade feast. They made their own special recipe Fairtrade lemonade and also enjoyed dining on delicious Fairtrade chocolate.

Year 2 used their amazing map skills to find out which continents our Fairtrade produce comes from and which oceans it travels across.

Year 3 found out what Fairtrade is and which countries the UK depend on for food. They also designed their own fantastic Fairtrade Marks.

Year 4 discovered how hard it was for farmers before Fairtrade and how Fairtrade is improving and enriching their lives now.

Year 6 researched Fairtrade and created their own fabulous information leaflets. They even fashioned a Fairtrade slogan, “Fairtrade Is Better Made!”

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