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Going batty about bats in Year 1

Going batty about bats in Year 1

Miss Hattersley joined 1S on Wednesday afternoon to share with them some cool science activities. Year one are reading Owl babies at the moment and learning about nocturnal animals, so Miss Hattersley themed their session all around bats.

They started by listening to the story of Daft Bat – a bat who isn’t daft at all but whose friends need to learn to see things from her point of view.

Bats find their food using sound by a process called echolocation and the children experienced being a bat or a moth whilst playing the game “bat and moth.”

Bat facts were hidden on bats around school for the children to find and their were bat paintings to create.

Did you know that mother bats find their babies in the roost using scent – 1S do and tried it out for themselves seeing if they could match different smells and find the bat that was their’s.

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