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KS1 Homework

(Year 1 and 2)

  • At this stage it is important to develop a partnership with parents and involve them actively in their child’s learning. Therefore, the activities children do at home are described as home learning.
  • In literacy home based tasks will consist largely of regular reading, reading type activities and simple games with parents. Children will also be given weekly spellings to learn.
  • In numeracy home learning will largely consist of times tables and number bond practice, simple number games and tasks related to classroom learning.
  • Home learning in other areas might be to find basic information, usually by asking parents or siblings or by researching topics using information books or ICT with adult supervision.
  • Home based tasks will usually be given twice per week and should average between 15 minutes to 1 hour for the week with work being set on a specific day to be handed in the same day of the following week.

KS2 Homework

(Year 3, 4, 5 and 6)

  • Literacy and numeracy activities will continue to be the main areas for homework.
  • Activities include learning spellings and times tables.
  • As well as spellings, homework will be sent out once a week and your child will be made aware when it should be returned.
  • It is expected that children change their reading books at least twice a week.
  • Research, reading for a purpose, preparation and written assignments will gradually begin to be introduced.


Children in Y6 will be prepared for secondary transfer.


The teacher will ensure that the needs of the individual child are taken into account when setting the amount and type of homework.