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Katiyo Electricity

At the start of the year Miss Hattersley transferred approximately £7500 out to Katiyo Primary School in Zimbabwe, money raised by Parklands children, Miss Hattersley and her family and 1st Burley Brownies. The school used the money to buy the supplies needed to put electricity into all of the teacher houses and to pay a contractor to do the work. We received these pictures last week with the news that the main electricity line has been put in and 2 of the houses have been wired up and we hope to have their electricity supply switched on soon. The contractor is working hard to finish all the other houses. This will make life much easier for the teachers at the school as they will no longer need to plan lessons and mark books by candlelight. It will also make it easier for the school to keep teachers, which has to be a good think. Well done Parklands!