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Parklands Primary is an inclusive school that meets the needs of a range of children-this includes those with complex family backgrounds as well as those with a range of special needs. At Parklands, we aim to be a school where children can feel safe as well as learn, be confident and happy. Some children need help to manage, understand and articulate their emotions. Children who find it most difficult to conform to ‘good behaviour’ need to be treated with respect and made to feel valued. Effective teaching and learning is dependent upon positive relationships between staff and pupils, as well as peer on peer relationships. It is essential that staff are consistent when enforcing the school rules with high expectations and will challenge unacceptable behaviour in a solution focused response. At Parklands we have based our policy on an overwhelmingly positive approach towards managing behaviour. The policy is based on incentives, golden time and golden rules, when required sanctions will be enforced. The success of our policy will not be tested by the absence of problems but the way in which we deal with them.

Our school aims to:

  • Provide a safe environment where learning is enjoyable.
  • Offer an engaging and challenging curriculum.
  • Promote healthy, positive relationships with others in school and the community.
  • Help each individual to discover and develop new skills.
  • Provide challenge and support to achieve high standards.
  • Encourage and support children to become well rounded, self- disciplined, respectful, moral and caring.
  • Develop the mental wellbeing of pupils.


School Ethos

Positive behaviour is consistently reinforced. The school uses a restorative approach, linking in with the PSHE curriculum, where pupils explore self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation and empathy as well as social skills. Children are provided with consistent positive encouragement and recognition when they demonstrate positive behaviour. They are supported to make the right choice and learn how to problem solve.

School Rules

The school rules clearly define the high standard of behaviour that we expect in school. They are referred to frequently and should encourage the children to be positive in all they do and should help to create a happy environment for pupils to work in.

These rules are set out below:

SCHOOL RULES agreed with School Council and staff:

* Be cool – walk in school.

* Look after our school – don’t be a fool.

* Use quiet voices – not silly noises.

* Wear your uniform with pride – have the team on your side.

* Be ready to learn – don’t take the wrong turn.

* Play safe together – whatever the weather.



We have “whole school” incentives and rewards to recognise and celebrate good behaviour, good work, helpfulness to peers and adults.

Whole school incentives are:-

  • Star of the week – This is one chosen child from each class who has displayed excellent behaviour/attendance or attitude to learning. Each child will receive a certificate in the celebration assembly and a reward from the Head teacher.
  • Going for gold – Each child who finishes the day on the gold part of the reward ladder will receive a small reward from their class teacher. Children have the chance to move onto gold throughout the day with the reward as an incentive. Children to start each day on green with positive behaviour taking them up to gold. If a child has been on time out or removed from class they will stay on orange/red and earn their way back to gold from there.
  • House points – Each child is in a ‘house team’. They earn house points for their team which can be earned throughout the whole school day. They can earn points for:
      • Good behaviour
      • Following school rules
      • Been polite
      • Helpful
      • Kind to others
      • Changing their behaviour
      • Supporting others in their team

These points would usually be given singularly, with a maximum of 5 house points for one occasion.