Our Core Curriculum

Our Core Curriculum

Our Core Curriculum

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At Parklands Primary, our Core Curriculum, comprising of Mathematics, English, Reading, Phonics, Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE), Physical Education (PE), and Science, serves as the cornerstone of our students’ primary school journey. These subjects form the bedrock of their education, nurturing a holistic development that prepares them for a dynamic future.


Mathematics and English are the keys that unlock comprehension and communication. They empower students with essential skills, enabling them to express themselves eloquently, think critically, and solve complex problems. These subjects are the foundation upon which all other learning is built.

Reading and Phonics open doors to a world of imagination and knowledge. They instill a lifelong love for literature, expand vocabulary, and cultivate the ability to extract meaning from words – skills that are indispensable in every facet of life.

PSHE equips our students with emotional intelligence, empathy, and a deep understanding of themselves and others. It’s a compass that guides them in making responsible choices and becoming socially aware citizens.

PE goes beyond physical activity; it fosters teamwork, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle. It teaches resilience, cooperation, and the importance of nurturing both the body and mind.

Science unveils the secrets of the universe, nurturing curiosity and analytical thinking. It equips our learners with the tools to decipher nature’s mysteries, fostering innovation that shapes our world.


Together, these subjects create a tapestry of education that addresses not just academic growth but also emotional, physical, and social development. Our Core Curriculum at Parklands empowers students with essential life skills that transcend classroom walls, ensuring they are well-rounded individuals ready to face challenges with confidence and grace.

By embracing these core subjects, Parklands Primary sets the stage for a future where our students excel academically, lead with empathy, and contribute positively to their communities. This comprehensive approach to learning nurtures a generation that thrives holistically, equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern world