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Music Progression Map

Music Guidance

At Parklands Primary, music isn’t just a subject; it’s an enriching journey that resonates in every corner of our vibrant community. Through innovative approaches and inspiring collaborations, we cultivate a deep appreciation for music that lasts a lifetime.

Our students embark on a melodious adventure by mastering the ukulele, honing their rhythmic prowess, and refining vocal control using the dynamic framework of Charanga Music School. Guided by a skilled choir master, every year group experiences the joy of harmonizing together, fostering teamwork and a shared sense of accomplishment.

But the music doesn’t stop within our school’s walls. We amplify our musical experiences by partnering with external providers like Art Forms, Rock Kids, and The Yorkshire Tenor. These collaborations infuse fresh perspectives, ensuring our students are exposed to a diverse array of musical genres and experiences.

As the notes of creativity flow, our pupils not only develop musical skills but also cultivate confidence, discipline, and a spirit of collaboration. With music as their muse, our students discover the power of self-expression and the joy of creating harmony together. At Parklands Primary, music isn’t just learned; it’s lived