Our World Around Us Curriculum

Our World Around Us Curriculum

Our World Around Us Curriculum

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In the mosaic of education at Parklands Primary, subjects like History, Geography, Computing, Religious Education (RE), and Modern Foreign Languages form the kaleidoscope through which our students perceive the world. This multifaceted approach is more than just a curriculum; it’s a gateway to knowledge, empathy, and a global perspective.

History is the tapestry of our past, weaving stories of triumphs, struggles, and progress. It instills a sense of heritage, teaching lessons from the past that guide our future choices.

Geography is the map that unveils the Earth’s diversity. It fuels appreciation for cultures, environments, and interconnectedness, forging a sense of stewardship for our planet.

Computing is the language of the future. It empowers students with digital fluency, enabling them to navigate an ever-evolving technological landscape with confidence.

Religious Education (RE) fosters understanding and respect for diverse beliefs, nurturing tolerance and empathy in an increasingly interconnected world.

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) open doors to communication across borders. They bridge cultures, facilitating global collaboration and enriching the fabric of our society.

By embracing these subjects, our students become citizens of the world. They cultivate a deep understanding of different perspectives, nurturing empathy, tolerance, and an unwavering curiosity about the intricacies of our planet. These subjects are not just about textbooks; they’re about fostering a love for learning, a thirst for knowledge, and an ability to contribute positively to our global community. At Parklands Primary, we shape not only scholars but also individuals who understand the world’s richness and their place within it.

Long Term Curriculum Plan Parklands Primary

History based topic

Geography based topic

The Environment – EYFS: Keeping our beaches clean; Year 1: different coloured bins, Year 2: recycling, Year 3: being environmentally friendly, Year 4: green energy; Year 5: Fair Trade; deforestation; plastics; Year 6: climate change and its impact.

Cultural Celebrations

We are proud of our links with Northern Ballet. Parklands has been the chosen school for employing new NBT staff. Our children were involved in interviews and a member of the School SLT team sat on the interview panel.  In the new year, Northern Ballet will be performing in school for our children and their families.

Our Business in The Community link sees volunteers every year working in school on building and maintenance projects. The volunteers also work alongside the Year 5 and Year 6 children, when they visit as Businesses, as part of their World of Work. Our vulnerable readers in Year 3 to Year 5 read to our Reading Volunteers every week. Unilever also deliver World of Work themed days to the whole school.

Sixth form students from GSAL, come into school every Wednesday afternoon and work with pupils in all classes. This is an invaluable opportunity for our pupils, as they build relationships with peers and have role models to aspire to.

We enrich our pupils with a range of after school clubs. These clubs celebrate a variety of sports and arts – singing, dancing, football and arts and crafts. We provide opportunities for all our children.