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Olympic Cyclist Phil Bateman

Olympic Cyclist Phil Bateman

Parklands were proud to welcome back for the third year The Olympic Cyclist Phil Bateman. He gave a motivational speech in front of the whole school about determination and never giving up. Prior to the Olympics he broke his collar bone with only a month to go. But he never gave up – he trained and he never stopped believing. He made the team.
Phil then set up a course in the rain and developed their riding skills in the wet.

Y3 and Y4 children got to taste the joys of cycling with our good friend Phil Bateman (British Olympic Cyclist). The children were taught how to ride safely around a set of challenging obstacles…. not for the faint hearted! The children rode beautifully and even a little bit of rain didn’t dampen the children’s spirits or enjoyment.


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On Monday 8th June former Olympic cyclist Phil Bateman visited school to work with children in Year 4 and 5, providing the opportunity of a day’s specialist cycle coaching.

Based around a velodrome-style track marked-out on our school playground, the children learnt basic cycling techniques, simple track and road skills and took part in mini competitions, games and fun challenges.

Phil will be visiting school again in September to provide further opportunity for children to develop their cycling skills.

Some children also wrote a piece…

‘Phil came into our school and taught Year 5 some cycling.  He was really nice and he was once in the Olympics! At first I was a bit unsteady but then I became more confident.  I enjoyed myself and had lots of fun!’ Edourdine Y5 Pupil.IMG_1473IMG_1472IMG_1471IMG_1465IMG_1460IMG_1457IMG_1456IMG_1455IMG_1452IMG_1450IMG_1449IMG_1442IMG_1440IMG_1439IMG_1438IMG_1437

‘On Monday 8th June we did some cycling on the playground with a professional cyclist, he was an Olympian! I won every race and got two gold medals.  I was the champion! I thought it was brilliant and I loved it!’ Harry Y5 Pupil.