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Our Governors

The Governing Body consists of a combination of people nominated, appointed, elected or co-opted by the City Council, the Parish Council, local community, staff and parents.

School Governors help the Headteacher and staff to achieve the school aims. Governors work as a whole group or as part of a committee, there are three committees responsible for:

  • Resources (Finance, Personnel; Health and Safety and Buildings and Property)
  • Teaching and Learning (including Data Analysis and staffing)
  • Pupil Support

The Governors spend a morning each term visiting the classrooms and seeing the children enthused by learning. The Senior Leadership Team are held to account by the Governors and each member attends at least two GB meetings a year. In July an additional Teaching and Learning Committee meeting is held ( with all governors invited) where reports on the school year are presented by the SLT before questions are asked by the Governing Body to quantify the statements.
We are very proud of the rigorous, hands on approach by our wonderful governors as we seek to make Parklands the greatest school in Leeds.

Meeting Minutes