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Our Team

Our Team

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Meet the friendly Parklands team . . .

Position  Name  Coordinator  Responsibilities 
Head Teacher Laura Darley

Designated Child Protection Lead

Health and Safety Lead

Teaching and Learning Lead

Deputy Head Teacher Samantha Rennison

Attendance Lead

Geography Lead

Designated Child Protection

Assistant Head Teacher Julia Feeley

Behaviour and Safeguarding Lead

Designated Child Protection


Reception Teacher

Assistant Head Teacher


Jess Buckley

KS2 Lead

Maths Lead

Year 4 Teacher

SENCo  Rose Woodcock EAL Lead
Senior Administrator Suzanne Kelsey  
Business Manager    
Attendance Officer Jess Ibson  
Learning Mentor Sarah Richardson Designated Child Protection
Learning Mentor Karen Graham  
Resourced Provision Team     
Resourced Provision Teacher Helen Barkakoti

RP Lead

CLA Lead


Resourced Provision Teacher Candice Sloper  
RP Learning support Nicola Hills  
RP Learning Support Mel Caslin  
RP Learning Support Hope Maylio  
RP Learning Support Gemma Shortall  
RP Learning Support Helen Griffiths  
RP Learning Support Emma Dawson  
RP Learning Support Elizabeth Duffy  
Reception Team     
Reception Teacher Julia Feeley AHT/EYFS Lead
Reception Teacher Georgia Egan Phonics Lead
Reception Teacher Sam Windross  
Reception Learning Support Samara Riaz  
Reception Learning Support Sarah Louise Topham  
Reception Learning Support Aysha Arian  
Year 1 Team     
Year 1 Teacher Gurpreet Rooprai RE Lead
Year 1 Teacher Sam Sunderland

KS 1 Lead

MFL (Spanish) Lead

Year 1 Learning Support Fareeda Ahmed  
Year 1 Learning Support Laura Bingham  
Year 1 Learning Support Ant Friend HLTA / PE
Year 2 Team     
Year 2 Teacher Kate Stacey (W, Th, F)


Personal Development Lead

Year 2 Teacher Elisabeth Maxfield (M, T, W) Pupil Voice
Year 2 Teacher    
Year 2 Catch up HLTA Joe Finch  
Year 2 Learning Support Di Fidler  
Year 2 Learning Support Kimberley Waite  
 Year 2 Learning Support Marie Jones  
Year 2 Tutor Ayeasha  
Year 3 Team     
Year 3 Teacher

Sophie Speed (W, Th, F)

Katie Swanell (M, T)

Science Lead
Year 3 Teacher Ali Preston DT Lead
Year 3 Learning Support Jemma Yates  
Year 3 Learning Support Harry Graham  
Year 3 Learning Support Louise Craddy  (Fri am)  
Phonics Catch up Jackie Mitchell  
Year 4 Team     
Year 4 Teacher Jodanne Trigg  (M,T,W) Art/ Drama Lead
Year 4 Teacher Jess Buckley (W,Th,F)

AHT/KS2 Lead

Maths Lead

Year 4 Teacher Ella O.Malley  
Year 4 Learning Support Ella Megan  
Year 4 Learning Support Jade Walker  
Year 5 Team     
Year 5 Teacher Jessica Brown Computing Lead
Year 5 Teacher Luke Goodwin Music Lead
Year 5 Learning Support Helen Scruton  
Year 5 Learning Support Sukhjit Sandhu  
Year 5 Learning Support Kacey Birkett  
Year 5 Learning Support Louise Craddy (Thurs am)  
Year 6 Team     
Year 6 Teacher Sarah Jimenez-Novoa Writing and Oracy Lead
Year 6 Teacher Emma Alderson Reading Lead
Year 6 Learning Support Vicky Dockerty  
Year 6 Learning Support Rachael Baptista  






Jane Winterburn


Anthony Wilkinson

Antony Friend

Joe Finch

History Lead/ Cultural Capital




Site Manager Chris Bingham  
Superintendent   Christine Birkett  
Breakfast Club Team     
Breakfast Club Leader Vicky Dockerty Breakfast Club Lead
Breakfast Club Support Jackie Mitchell  
Breakfast Club Support Helen Scruton  
Breakfast Club Support Samara Riaz  
Breakfast Club Support Fareeda Ahmed  
Breakfast Club Support Faye Jackman  
Breakfast Club Support Lynsey Toulson  
Breakfast Club Support Lisa Smith  
Breakfast Club Support Sarah Topham  
Breakfast Club Support Claire Ferguson  
ICT Support   Ryan Thomas  School ICT Services



Lunchtime Staff 

Claire Buchanan Play Lead
Aileen Driffield Play Lead
Jackie Mitchell KS1 Play Lead in Charge
Stephanie Ferguson Play lead
Michaela Burke Play Lead
Vanessa Kaye Play Lead
Faye Jackman Play Lead
Christine Birkett Play Lead
Sandra Wager KS2 Play Lead in Charge
Jade Walker Play Lead