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Our Team

Meet the friendly Parklands team . . .


Position Name Coordinator Responsibilities
Head Teacher Chris Dyson
Assistant Head Laura Darley Maths Lead, Teaching and Learning, KS2
Assistant Head Julia Feeley Designated Child Protection Leader; Behaviour and Welfare
EYFS Leader Julia Feeley
Key Stage 1 Leader Katie Mawson
Key Stage 2 Leader Laura Darley  Maths Lead, Teaching and Learning
SENco Beth Bennett
Wellbeing and Safeguarding Leader Brooke Oates Designated Teacher
Resourced Provision Team
Resourced Provision Teacher Helen Barkakoti
Resourced Provision Teacher Joe Finch HLTA
RP Learning Support Karen Graham
RP Learning Support Mel Caslin
RP Learning Support Hope Maylio
RP Learning Support Gill Barrass
RP Learning Support Laura Bingham
RP Learning Support Gemma Shortall
Reception Team
Reception Teacher Julia Feeley EYFS Leader
Reception Teacher Georgia Egan RE
Reception Learning Support Emma Wright
Reception Learning Support Helen Griffith
Reception Learning Support Aysha Arian
Reception Learning Support Anthony Friend
Reception Learning Support Linsey Parker  (M,T,W)
Behaviour Support Worker and Premises Manager Anthony Wilkinson
Receptions Intervention Teacher Claire Oates  KS1 and KS2 Cover
Year 1 Team
Year 1 Teacher Gurpreet Rooprai (M, T)
Year 1 Teacher Sal Dyson (W,Th,F) Music
Year 1 Teacher Sam Sunderland MFL
Year 1 Learning Support Diane Fidler
Year 1 Learning Support Yvonne Brown
Additional Support and Interventions Gurpreet Rooprai
Year 2 Team
Year 2 Teacher Elisabeth Maxfield Geography
Year 2 Teacher Kate Stacey PSHE
Year 2 Teacher Katie Mawson KS1 Leader
Year 2 Learning Support Shirley Bottomley
Year 2 Learning Support Louise Craddy
Year 3 Team
Year 3 Teacher Sarah Jimenez-Novoa Science
Year 3 Teacher Emma Alderson PE
Year 3 Learning Support Kimberley Waite (T,W,F)
Year 3 Learning Support Sequoia Sant
Year 3 Learning Support Vonnie Feasey (M,T)
Year 4 Team
Year 4 Teacher Tom Cunliffe Art
Year 4 Teacher Niki Tighe EAL
Year 4 Teacher Jess Buckley DT
Year 4 Learning Support Lorraine Thackrey
Year 4 Learning Support Sukhjit Sandhu
Year 4 Learning Support Ashleigh Joseph HLTA   (from Christmas)
Year 5 Team
Year 5 Teacher Brooke Nolan Maths
Year 5 Teacher Grace Huby Literacy
Year 5 Learning Support Helen Scruton
Year 5 Learning Support Vicki Dockerty
Year 6 Team
Year 6 Teacher Laura Darley KS2 Leader,  Maths Lead
Year 6 Teacher Sharon Hattersley Website, ICT
Year 6 Teacher Sam Rennison Literacy across the curriculum
Year 6 Learning Support Nicky Hills
Year 6 Learning Support Janice Palmer
Year 6 Learning Support Samara Riaz (AM)
Year 6 Learning Support Ashleigh Joseph HLTA
Intervention Staff
GPS Teacher Jane Winterburn History
Speech Language Support (Mable) Beverley Taylor
KS1 and KS2 Cover Claire Oates
Business Manager Dianne McElwee
Senior Administrator Suzanne Kelsey
Attendance Officer Jess Ibson
Learning Mentor Sarah Richardson(T,F)
Learning Support Kayleigh Baldock EAL
Behaviour Support Worker and Premises Manager Anthony Wilkinson
Lunchtime Leader Edith Graham Behaviour leader lunchtime
Site Manager Christine Birkett
Breakfast Club Team
Breakfast Club Leader Yvonne Brown
Breakfast Club Support Nicky Hills
Breakfast Club Support Vicki Dockerty
Breakfast Club Support Jackie Mitchell
Breakfast Club Support Monica Phipps
Breakfast Club Support Nicola White
Breakfast Club Support Lorraine Thackery (cover)
Breakfast Club cleaner Barbie Kitchen
Theatre in Education
ICT support
School ICT Services
In house technician (am only) Jason Kelk

Cleaning Staff and services provided by Leeds City Council Cleaning Kitchen Staff and services provided by Taylor Shaw