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What is PAL?
It’s Physically Active Learning. At Parklands, we have been looking at ways to blend movement with learning in different subjects, whether it be Maths, English, Science, Geography or History. We have even been able to link movement to learning colours in Spanish!
How have we been able to do this?
We did our research and looked at ways we could maximise our PE Sport Premium and Pupil Premium funding.
We brought in the wonderful now>press>play. Children simply wear the pink headphones and they are immersed in various learning experiences. From exploring the tombs of the Egyptians or going on a mission to Mars, our children have loved moving and learning. The impact on discussions and writing has been immense. Mr Dyson even took part in an online webinar to talk about the school’s experiences. You can watch it here.
The children in our Breakfast Club have been starting their day with Action Mats! The colourful mats have also been used in PE sessions. Not only that, but we have also linked them to our weekly sessions with Tagtiv8.
How does Tagtiv8 help us move & learn?
What is Tagtiv8? Think Tig or Tag or It meets Scrabble, Countdown – and so much more. It’s so simple. The children collect the colourful tags, which have numbers and letters on. Sometimes they run, sometimes they jog, sometimes they travel like dinosaurs or frogs! The Tagtiv8 tags are just like LEGO building blocks – they are great for creativity and communication.
The staff enjoyed their Tagtiv8 training session so much, they invited him to join the team so we can all do weekly Tagtiv8 sessions in the hall and outside. Juxt check out the smiles here and in this blog post.
Who knew learning could be this much fun. As Bryn says, “You don’t need to sit to learn…”