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Reece Dinsdale – Parklands Patron Of Teaching

After hosting a wonderful visit for Reece Dinsdale, he was so impressed, he said he needed to return and could he showcase the school by becoming Patron of the School. We were delighted to say yes.

This means that we will have Reece in school delivering Drama sessions, inspiring the actors of tomorrow.
Reece, the bad boy of Coronation Street and Emmerdale is the only person ever to be dramatically killed off in both soaps.

Reece, is an award winning actor for blockbusting films such as ID and Ahead of the Class with Julia Walters. He also played the major role in Threads.
Reece appeared in practically every UK drama series and will be fondly be remembered as playing Matthew Willows in the huge British Comedy, Home To Roost.

We are overjoyed to welcome him to our team.

“The moment I stepped foot into Parklands I felt a sudden rush of adrenalin and knew I was walking into a very special place. Music was booming from the sound system, it was The Mama and Papa’s – California Dreaming, my wife’s favourite song. You could feel the love the moment you walked in. 

I was greeted my Michael in Year 6 who seemed to know more about me than I did myself. His research on me was exceptionally impressive.  

Every child and every member of staff had the biggest smile and you could see what school meant to everyone.  

I had the luxury of talking to Year 6 before I went into the greatest assembly I have ever been into. The singing, the dancing, the awards, the smiles sent a shiver down my spine. Then there was the Times Tables. Words cannot describe the speed and the accuracy of these children. I was asked to play the winners (which I wish I had not done) and wow, they didn’t give me a chance.  

Visiting Parklands was the highlight of my year. I am so proud to be your Patron.”

 Reece Dinsdale May 2022