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Here at Parklands we really believe in children taking part in a Residential. We see the impact that these have upon our children’s writing. We are unique as a school as we make NO charge to ensure every child can attend.

In Year 6 they spend a full week at a PGL centre doing activities aimed to challenge and build team work. When you have been 30 metres high in the sky; attached to a rope; standing facing the elements on the top of a small circular wooden platform preparing to take the ‘leap of faith’; with your heart beating like a drum waiting to explode through your rib cage with your legs turning to jelly………. then, taking a deep breath; you make the leap of faith! Your heart is in your mouth as you grab hold of the ice cold trapeze. It is then you realise that you have made it; the smile engulfs your face as you now that determination made you the proudest person in the world….. After this, you know how to describe fear in your writing when returning to school.

In Year 5, they spend three days doing a coastal study in the beautiful Whitby. The children get to stay inside the Abbey walls at the flagship Youth Hostel before doing a wide range of coastal activities including dinosaur hunts; beach trawls and fossil hunts. In addition they study the impact Captain Cook had upon our Empire and look at the fishing industry in a Seaside Town. A day is spent with the RNLI studying the vital role they play in Whitby and obviously the children and staff endure the famous jogging up the 199 steps twice a day.

Year 4 head away each summer term to the Lake District for 3 days of adventure. Kayaking, ghyll scrambling and sunset walks are accompanied by restaurant dining and cook outs. A memorable time will be had by all.

2020 saw the very first Y3 residential as they endured a local study mixed with Space! We partner with Fulneck Independent School where the children get to experience the market town of Pudsey whilst also taking part in a Space Camp. The children get to experience 60 acres of countryside in the evening looking at the amazing stars. We have the luxury of having the Fulneck Science department teaching our pupils all about the adventure of space and rockets before the children put on their walking shoes and see historic town.

We are indebted to our brilliant staff for making these experiences become a reality and to our sponsors who ensure money is not a barrier to learning.

Y5 In House Residential

Whilst we sadly had to postpone our Whitby residential until next year, Y5 still had a fantastic celebration to end the year. We enjoyed an in house residential with team building and FUN FUN Fun! Monday: Challenge One: Cross the crocodile-infested river from one side... read more

Y4 Fun Day

Whilst we sadly had to postpone our Lake District residential until next year, Y4 still had a fantastic celebration to end the year. We enjoyed bouncing and sliding on three giant inflatables! All the fun was fuelled by Dominos Pizza, fizzy pop and fresh juicy... read more

2021 In House Residential

Residentials are everything here at Parklands, we see the impact that these have on children’s writing skills, teamwork, communication, and wellbeing. With COVID seeing all our residentials cancelled this year, we had to think out of the box… we had our... read more

PGL 2020

Winmarleigh hall is a stunning, old Victorian estate situated within 50 acres of woodlands that has been developed into a place where children can learn, laugh and grow as people. Sandwiched in between extreme winds, rain and storms, we were blessed with a week of... read more

Whitby Residential 2020

Both year 5 classes went on a residential to the beautiful town of Whitby. The children were so excited to see the sea and the ruins of Whitby Abbey as we descended from the moors down towards the coast. We eventually arrived at our destination – the YHA Whitby. After... read more

Y3 Space Camp residential

We are so honoured to have made such brilliant links with Fulneck Independent School as for the first time we offered our wonderful Year 3 children the chance to experience an ‘out of this world’ trip to the picturesque Fulneck grounds for a #SpaceCamp. To have... read more

Happy Fest

For the second year running, Happy Fest was the highlight for many of our Year 4s! Forget Glastonbury and Woodstock, Happy Fest was, again, the place to be. Created last year to celebrate well-being and happiness, we teamed up with Knayton C of E and Great Ouseburn to... read more

Y4 residential

Well here we go live on the Y4 residential we do things special here @ParklandsLeeds as we team up with @KnaytonCofE by providing a @GlastoFest experience…. camping, bands, yoga, wellbeing, face painting and... read more

Y5 Whitby Residential

Both year 5 classes went on a residential to the beautiful town of Whitby. The children were so excited to see the sea and the ruins of Whitby Abbey as we descended from the moors down towards the coast. We eventually arrived at our destination – the YHA Whitby. The... read more

Y6 PGL Residential

Before February half term Year 6 spent a week at Winnmarleigh Hall a PGL outdoor activity centre in Lancashire on their Year 6 Residential. It was February so as one child put it “We didn’t come here for a sun tan!” we had just about every kind of... read more

Y5 visited Leeds Grand Mosque

Today year 5 visited Leeds Grand Mosque. In RE we have been learning about the religion of Islam and the trip to the mosque supported us with this learning. The teachers at the mosque were very impressed with the knowledge we already had, but they were able to teach... read more

Y5 best residential ever!

Many thanks to the beautiful Y5 children who shared the #best ever Residential….. in #Whitby with all @ParklandsLeeds – brought a tear to my sharing the wonderful... read more

Kingswood Residential

We arrived at Kingswood on Monday, in the afternoon. We met our guide and then had time to unpack before we had our dinner. There was always a 2 course dinner with a range of options, it was delicious. The food was better than a 5* hotel! After dinner we had some free... read more

Year 5 – 2017 – Whitby Residential

  “Both classes in Year 5 set off for their residential, set in the beautiful town of Whitby, today. The sky was blue and our spirits were high as we set off from school waved off by many parents and Mrs Darley. The journey was uneventful and the children were... read more

Y6 residential at Winmarleigh Hall

It’s Y6 at Winmarleigh Hall… Zip Wire; Trapeze; Big Swing; Canoeing…. endless supply of hot warm delicious food… what a 5 day residential stood 30 feet up in the sky being held by a rope and trusting friends. What an awesome team building... read more

Year 4 slept at school and it was brilliant!

This week was the year 4 residential, the children and their teachers headed off on Thursdayto Hazelwood Castle for lots of outdoor fun and excitement. At the end of a full day of outdoor activities they headed back to school for a BBQ, movie and a sleepover in the... read more

Year 5 – Whitby

On the first day of March, 30 excited year 5s set off with their teachers for a 3 day residential in Whitby. We soon left the snow of Leeds behind and as we approached Whitby the skies cleared and we were greeted in Whitby by the sun.

Our home for the next three days was the Whitby Youth Hostel, our rooms were large and comfortable.


Caitlan thought it was funny we had beds and not sleeping bags and Keavy loved sharing a room with her friends Casey, Olivia, Wilsa and Kyra – it was fantastic!

Wednesday afternoon was spent on the beach – watching the sea (some of us for the first time,) collecting shells, learning about sea weed, how to skim a stone and what causes the cliffs to wear away. We played football, built sandcastles, wrote messages and tried to dig our way to Australia. The children and staff had a brilliant time:


Casey – “When we went to the beach I loved building a massive sandcastle with my best friend Ellie!”

Dylan – “I enjoyed playing on the beach and climbing on the rocks.”

Phoebe – “I thought it was fun finding caves.”


It was hard work trekking back up the 199 steps to the Abbey, we counted them to make sure that number was right, at times it felt like there were many more than that!

Mr Haddock told us that some of the steps are wider because that is where they would put down the coffin to take a rest on their way to the church for a funeral. The eagle-eyed amongst us spotted the roman numerals on the steps that Miss Hattersley had taught us about in maths.

The food at the Youth Hostel was delicious – it was one of TJs favourite things. After dinner we wrapped up warm and made our way very carefully back down the Abbey steps in the dark to walk up to the whalebone arch and the statue of Captain Cook. Many years ago Whitby was an important town for the whaling boats which is why it has a whalebone arch.

Brad and Leo were great gentlemen looking after Miss Hattersley down all those dark steps. Back to the Youth Hostel and after delicious hot chocolate courtesy of Miss Scruton and Mrs Winterburn it was off to bed.


Breakfast was plentiful and delicious and once we’d had our fill we headed down the abbey steps again for a spot of shopping to spend the money that was burning a hole in our pockets! Souvenirs bought we met up with TJ and RP at the lifeboat station to find out all about how the RNLI volunteers work hard to save lives out at sea.

We were impressed to see the swing bridge open to let the lifeboat through, Mr Haddock and his group got stuck on the other side!

From the lifeboat station we had time to enjoy freshly cooked chips before we had to say goodbye to RP. Eating our chips was kind of interesting as we had to keep scaring off the seagulls.

In the afternoon Mr Haddock led us on a walk along the cliff tops to Saltwick bay for a picnic lunch and the chance to hunt for fossils hidden for hundreds of thousands of years in the soft sedimentary rocks. After a short talk on what to look for we were set off searching and what we found was truly amazing – countless ammonites, belemnites and even some devil’s toe nails (they’re not really toe nails, they are a type of fossilised shell.)

In the evening we were joined by Mr Dyson who led some of us on a spooky walk around the graveyard of St Mary’s Church where he told us ghost stories.


Far too soon it was Friday morning and time to pack up and get ready to return to school. But not before we had visited Whitby Abbey and learnt about the monks who lived there. In the words of the children it was “the best trip ever!”

Year 6 – PGL

We arrived at PGL on Monday in the afternoon. We met our guide and then had time to unpack before we had our dinner. There was always a 2 course dinner with a range of options. The food was better than a 5* hotel! After dinner we had some free time before starting the evening activity. We played ambush the first night, which was great fun. After playing ambush we were all so tired we couldn’t wait to get to bed. The rooms were very warm and the beds were very comfortable.

Every morning we woke up and got showered and dressed ready for the day and then went down for breakfast. There was lots of choice – continental and three hot options were always available. It was lovely, set us up for the day!

We did a wide range of activities throughout the week including, the zip wire, canoeing (in the snow!) abseiling, all aboard, high ropes,

Jacob’s ladder, the trapeze, archery, low ropes, challenge course, sensory trail, fencing and the giant swing. All the activities were amazing. During the activities we worked as a team and we all worked well together, getting close up with the outdoors. It was great, great fun and we laughed lots! It really was a trip we won’t forget. We loved every second.


Year 4 – Nell Bank

What the children said:

‘I really enjoyed visiting Nell Bank, my favourite part was orienteering because we could partner up with a friend and look for clues’ – Lawureance Lynn

‘I loved going to Nell Bank, my favourite part was den building because I felt like a real estate agent selling the den’s. I was worried about sleeping but I slept alone and I am really proud’ – Rahzan Fawzi

‘I was so excited to go to Nell Bank and I loved the campfire at night because we got to roast marshmallows and sing songs with our friends’ –  Kyra Batchelor Woods

‘Going to Nell Bank was fantastic and it was fun when we made marshmallow and spaghetti towers at night because at the end we got to eat all the marshmallows’ – Olivia Barwell

‘The best thing about Nell Bank is the adventure playground, the dark tunnel was scary but fun’ – Amina Balode

Year 6 – PGL at Caythorpe Court

Year 5 – Whitby