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Resource Provision

Mrs Barkakoti – Teacher

Mrs Oates – Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs Finch

Mrs Graham

Mrs Barrass

Mrs Maliyo

Mrs Caslin

Mrs Bingham

Ms Shortall

Ms Griffiths

Resourced Provision is set up to meet the complex learning needs of up to 12 children. The provision is a nurturing environment which is designed to allow children to follow their own interests and develop as competent and independent learners. Each child in the provision has a great deal to offer and so we plan recognising each child’s individuality, their efforts and achievements. As an Inclusive school the children in the Resource Provision also access mainstream inclusion. This develops their confidence to join in and learn with their peers and provides excellent opportunities to access other areas of the curriculum. ‘RP’ as it is fondly known has its own state of the art multi sensory room, designated garden area and provision room set up to meet the needs of all of the children. The unit is highly staffed with all adults trained to a high level of expertise. Seeing this outstanding team in action is a must. Every child in RP maximises their learning potential. We are exceptionally proud of their achievements.

Children in RP take part in a variety of extra activities in addition to their regular lessons:

On Monday they visit Monkey Maze soft play centre at Garforth, on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon they take part in inclusion activities – joining in with their year group’s classes. The children enjoy swimming lessons on Thursdays and on Fridays they enjoy baking activities.