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RP’s Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

RP’s Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

While RP’s classroom was getting it’s finishing touches, the children and teachers had a wonderful day out at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We saw animals that we had only ever read about in books. From lemurs and meerkats to polar bears and lions! We began by walking through the wallaby enclosure where we saw a Mummy with a baby (joey) in her pouch and then made our way to the monkeys where we saw meerkats being cheeky and pushing each other off the roof! We were lucky enough to see 2 polar bears wandering around their space and a leopard strolling past the safety glass (very close!) and climbing to the top of it’s climbing frame. We also saw the majestic lions, but no the tigers. They were being lazy and were having a snooze. We saw lots of other animals too…far too many to mention though!

It was a great day out and we can’t wait until the next one!