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School Council


Now that bubbles are allowed to cross again, we are delighted to restart our School Council for 2021/22. The impact of the work done over the last few years has been remarkable with the Playground improved, the library re stocked and a Vending Machine for the Reading Challenge purchased.

Mrs Oates, Mrs Allpress and I had the luxury on Friday September 10th to visit all the classes in Key Stage 2 to hear their speeches. Such was the eagerness to be part of the exclusive and influential group, we had an unprecedented number of entries, over 120! Sadly, the children could only select 11, 1 from each class (plus 3 adult picks). Putting yourself forward is a great life skill whether voted in or not.

It fills me with great pride, to announce that this year’s democratically elected members are:
3GH – Jensen
3AJ – Lexi
4C – Miguel
4BT – Aurora
5A – Alfie
5G – Leah
6R – Jolita
6N – Priscilla
RP – Ella
Staff Choices: Charlotte (5G), Riley (5G) and Victoria 6R


I am pleased to announce that the school councillors for 2020 – 2021 are:

Y3: Muhammed and Kadie

Y4: Charlotte and Harrison

Y5: Alesha and Maya

Y6: Kiera and Abi

RP: Amelie

Bonus Picks: Carla Y6 and Izzy Y6


I am pleased to announce that the school councillors for 2019 – 2020 are:

3A Evie Keeley

3JN Charlotte MacIntosh

4C Carla Wright

4BT Emma Sant

5N Ashleigh McHugh

5H Abigail Sant

6R Ruby Bull & Ayesha Khan

6D Hadyn Robertson

RP Javen Lacey

Governor’s Choice: 5N Stevie Haley


3A Natalia
3JN Olivia
4BT Billy
4C May
5H Benjamin
5N Evanie
6D Riley B
6R Olivia
Governors pick Daisy 6D and Alesha 3A
Claire, Thank you again for hosting us today at the School Council meeting. Both Aimee and I were most impressed and reported so at our governors’ session later on. We talked about your need to find a significant project to work on as a team. In the Pupil Support meeting today a possibility came up. It is difficult for the canteen to predict quantities when providing a choice of main meal, which can lead to one offering running out early with subsequent disappointments and grumbles. It happened to me today when there was no chicken curry left. Apparently when children indicate the preferences earlier they often switch choices at the counter. David Swann is aware of a simple coloured wristband system operated by another school, which in conjunction with an iPad app, significantly reduces the problem. Could your team investigate this possible solution and produce a plan for its approval and introduction? I also mentioned a pupils’ version of the Whistleblowing policy which the Council could advise on. I’ll come back with details. Best wishes, Peter


As a school, we value consultation with our children and listen to their views. In light of this, at the beginning of the school year, children in key stage 2 are invited to run for the school council.

In September, Mr Dyson and Mrs Oates had the pleasure of listening to all of the speeches. It was heart warming to see so many children participating in the elections. Each candidate showed dedication and a love for their school as they shared their visions and aspirations for the future with their fellow voters. Mr Dyson and Mrs Oates were just relieved that they didn’t have the responsibility of voting!

We are therefore very proud to present Parklands Primary school council for 2017 -2018.
Year 3 – Shauna and Megan
Year 4 – Jessica, Alex and Tyler
Year 5 – Daisy and Martin
Year 6 – Morgan, Czareyna and Nathan

RP – Domanic

The school council meets regularly to discuss school improvement issues along with suggestions and concerns from the school body. Mrs Oates and Mr Dyson will support the council to help make decisions that will most benefit the school.


Meeting Minutes: 2015/2016