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Science and IT; Rockets and Drones

Science and IT; Rockets and Drones

We were blessed today to have Nick from STEAMco delivering an interactive brilliant assembly and rocket launch to the Whole School. Rocket Kids was a story of the Rocket Boy Homer Hickam and how he became an innovator in Rocket design.
It was an engaging, entertaining and educational session based on creativity, inspiration and invention.
The whole school got to see a Rocket Launch which fired a Rocket 1 mile into the sky before parachuting safely back to earth. As if this wasn’t enough – the children then got to fire their own rockets …. once they had made them. Wow what a spectacular day ….



Here are the drones in assembly as a taster for September’s launch . The children used algorithms to programme the drone to do flips and to travel …. they were wowed …. which staff team would land the drone on the piano? Watch the video to be wowed …

Video 1

Video 2