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Science Videos

Science Videos

Miss Hattersley has been working hard at home to create science videos showing you all kinds of experiments you can try at home:


Viscosity Race

Have you ever wondered how fast ketchup can run? Do you want to know if honey is faster than salad cream? Then try holding your own viscosity race! Viscosity is a measure of how quickly or slowly a liquid flows and is usually linked to how thick a liquid is:


Rescue the Lego men!

The Lego men have been trapped in the ice on one of their adventures, can you help to free them? You will learn about freezing and melting and try out how temperature affects how quickly or slowly ice melts. This activity is in two parts:


Part 1:

Part 2:


Friction Race – what’s that all about?

We experience friction every day and if there was no friction we would slip and slide everywhere! Try testing out different materials to see which one creates the most friction and race some toy cars at the same time:


Skeleton Challenge

Can you show us what you know about the human body by creating a skeleton using objects you can find at home? Can you show the major organs too and label as much of it as you can?:

The Human Heart

Find out all about your heart and how it works with this video:


You can get the heart template from school or if you’re not from Parklands you can buy your own at Origami Organelles:

They have lots of other fantastic paper models available to buy and the powerpoint instructions are fantastic and come with each purchase!http://origamiorganelles.com/


Can you play the guitar?

Watch this video and make your own guitar at home, explore pitch and try making your own tunes:


Finding Your Way

Have you ever been lost? Find out how to make and use your own compass using just a magnet a needle and a bowl of water!:


Float Your Own Boat

See what different materials you can find at home and use them to design your own boat. Test them out in your sink and see which ones will support a small toy and which ones sink:


Magnetic Maze

Use a magnet and a paperclip to make your own magnetic maze game:

Static Electricity Tricks

Using things you can find in the kitchen try out these tricks that use static electricity and wow your family with them: