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Science week 2019

Science week 2019

Parklands’ Pond!!

This year we were lucky enough to be awarded a grant from the British Science Council. We used this grant to build a pond on the school grounds. The pond is a fantastic resource that can be used by every year group to help them in their scientific journey thorough school.  We have added lots of plants to the pond and hopefully a variety of wildlife will soon begin to make it their home. The children in Year 3 really enjoyed the experience of helping to build it and learnt lots of valuable skills, like team work and forward planning.

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Bee Assembly

There was also an excellent assembly all about Bees. Andy, (the Bee man) explained all about Bees. He explained where bees live, how they collect pollen and why they are so important to the human race. The children were buzzing to learn so many Bee facts.

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Here is a look at what was happening in classrooms during science week.


Year 1

For science week, we began looking at how to group animals by their different features. We came up with lots of different group names such as fur, feathers, wings, fins and scales to sort the animals into. We then went on to look at what these animals eat and whether they’re herbivores, carnivores or omnivores.


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Year 2

In science week Year 2 learnt about how animals are adapted to their environment. We created paintings to show how camouflage helps protect animals from predators. Can you spot our animals?

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Year 3

In year 3 we looked into pollution and found out why it is so harmful. We investigated water from different places – a busy road and a park. We added a reactant to the water and found out which one was most polluted. We then looked into the reasons behind this and thought about how we can reduce pollution.

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Year 4

We made carbon dioxide gas. We mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to make a chemical reaction that creates carbon dioxide. We used the gas to blow up balloons and everyone thought it was brilliant. Lots of mess, smiles and screaming! We would definitely recommend the experiment.


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Year 5 

Year 5 made lava lamps.

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Year 6

Year 6 investigated air resistance by making paper straw gliders, we chose our own investigation questions in a quest to find the glider that would fly the furthest. We changed the length of our straw, added fins, moved the loops and changed how big they were.

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