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Stephen Lawrence Day

Stephen Lawrence Day

All our children took part in a massive virtual school assembly today to mark the third national Stephen Lawrence Day. The assembly was led by Baroness Doreen Lawrence, Stephen’s mum and we were reminded about Stephen’s story and about being respectful and kind.

Each class held their own special event to learn about the part we can all play in creating a society in which everyone can flourish.

RP worked collaboratively and made a fantastic poster of the children’s hands.

Reception heard the story of Amazing Grace to build the children’s understanding of generosity, community, and service to others.

Year 1 thought carefully about where young people would enjoy spending time and where they would be happy and safe. They came up with ideas for Stephen’s Special Village and created some lovely drawings!

Year 2 talked about the qualities of friendship and wrote some amazing acrostic poems about friends.

Year 3 discussed how they can all support one another and worked together to create a stunning ‘we all fit together’ jigsaw puzzle.

Year 4 learnt about diverse cultures by tasting delicious food from different countries

Year 6 drew some stunning Stephen Lawrence portraits using line.

The children’s work will be displayed outside Mr. Dyson’s office to remind us of Stephen’s legacy for hope and change throughout the whole of the year.