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This year’s Takeover Day was a massive success!


126 applications

43 jobs available

9 key stage 2 classes represented

1 day to take over the school


Miss Weatherby prepared job descriptions highlighting the skills and qualities required for each of the positions. All of the children in key stage 2 were welcome to apply by completing an application form. This was their opportunity share their talents and skills, and explain why they should be chosen for the job. With over 76% of key stage 2 children applying, the competition was fierce but in true Parklands style they rose to the challenge. The standard of the applications was phenomenal, making Miss Weatherby’s task of short listing for each position incredibly difficult. Lucky for her, it was the school council who were responsible for making the final decisions. This was done confidentially as to keep it fair for everyone. The name and year group of each of the short listed applicants were not disclosed and the school council voted purely on what had been written.


This year, we were lucky enough to be invited to take over three jobs at the Ahead Partnership in Leeds. As a school we work a lot with the partnership however it is usually here at our school. So it was a lovely surprise to be able to send three children to their posh offices in Leeds to learn more about what they do and offer ideas for projects in the future.

It was a wonderful day that was enjoyed by all. Thank you to everyone who made the day such a huge success!

What the children said about the day:


“We learned the proper names for the tools in the workshop and how to use them correctly and safely.”


“The best thing about being the head teacher for the day was visiting RP. They have such enthusiasm for learning.”


“Mrs Palmer really enjoyed my first lesson in Maths…algebra!”


“Mrs Hills has been amazing – showing us how to find books and encouraging us.”


“This afternoon I get to take the register!”


“It was really fun especially starting flour fights. They were trying to make me look like a Granny!”


“It made me very thirsty walking around talking to the children!”


“It’s been really fun and everyone is nice. Mrs Alderson has been helpful and giving me loads of important jobs to do, like the afternoon register.”


“I liked doing the divali lanterns the best. Mrs Jiminez-Novoa is nice and she helped me if I was stuck. Mrs Fiddler and Mrs Finch made me feel really welcome.”


What the staff and peers said about the day:


“Very helpful.”


“She has done brilliantly.”


“Very professional.”


“He was a massive help in the classroom – boosting children’s confidence in their learning.”


“She was very confident speaking in front of lots of children.”


“She helped with my timetables that I was stuck on.”


“We are enjoying it…really!”


“Quiet but helpful. A lovely girl.”


“We liked having her in our class.”


“It is so lovely to have her in our class. We are so happy. She has worked very hard and been incredibly helpful.”


“She needs a job! She’s been fantastic. She was even questioning the children to extend their learning.”


“She helped me with words and writing stuff.”


“She planned lessons ahead of time and the whole class loves her. She was enthusiastic and explained things so nicely to the children. You could tell that she really wanted to do this job.”

2016 Successful Job Applicants:

Head Teacher: Lawureance  (6D)

Deputy Head Teachers:  Dominic, Brendan and Lucy (RP)

Head Teacher’s Afternoon Assembly Helper Callum & Fransisco (RP)

Office Support Emil  (4T) TJ (6R)

Assembly Host Karlie (5B) Libby (3H)

Handyman Riley (4C)

RP Teacher Daisy (4C)

Reception Teacher Casey (6D) and Ellie (6R)

Year 1 Teacher Olivia (4T) Ellie-mae (5B)

Year 2 Teacher Codie (5B) Zuzanna (4T)

Year 3 Teacher Callum (6R) Kendra (5B)

Year 4 Teacher Zerina (6D) Christine (6D)

Year 5 Teacher Lily (5N) Billie (5B)

Year 6 Teacher Rahzan (6D) Morgan (5B)

Computing Manager Christian (4T) Tyler (3H)

Learning Mentor Jack (6R)

Librarian Amadou (5B) Czareyna (5B) Robert (5B)

Ahead Partnership Ben (5N) Callum (5N) Moris (6R)

Lunchtime Supervisor Tia (4C) Ashleigh (5N)

Lunchtime Server Brett (3R) Jordan (4C)

Sous-Chef  Eugenie (5N) Destiny (5N)


Job Application Form

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