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Teaching Reading


At Parklands we know that reading is the key to success for children. If a child reads fluently and enjoys reading and therefore reads widely a whole world will open up for them. They will improve their vocabulary, sentence structures and knowledge of the world. We aim to teach the children to read fluently and with understanding. We promote a love of books and an enjoyment of reading.


Children are taught to read from the moment they start in Reception. We use a phonics based approach, following Linking Sounds and Letters. Children learn to say, read and write a sequential set of sounds. Alongside this they are also taught ‘tricky words’, which cannot be sounded out and so need to be learned from sight.


The teaching of phonics goes through from Reception to Year 2 and beyond for those children who still need it. Once the children have mastered the first set of 12 sounds they begin to blend sounds together to say, read and write words. Children will read individually to a Teacher or Teaching Assistant and also read in small groups with other children, this is called Guided Reading.

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At Parklands we use a range of reading schemes to support the process of learning to read. Some of the schemes we use are:

  • Rigby Star
  • Big Cat Phonics
  • Project X
  • Oxford Reading Tree
  • Big Cat Collins
  • All aboard


We encourage children to read at home with their parents. Every child has a book bag in which they take their home reading book and record book. It is expected that children read with their parents at least three times per week.


We recognise that not all children learn to read at the same pace and so we offer reading intervention session. Reading intervention is in place for children from Year 1 to Year 6.


We identify children who require additional reading – we are very lucky to use 18 Lloyds Bank volunteers who read with the children twice a week using the Right to Read programme. An excellent partnership. We also use the Beanstalk readers to enhance children’s love of reading.