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The story of Shepherd Little

The story of Shepherd Little

Shepherd Little has difficulties with the truth, Shepherd Little often tells lies. He will tell you he is the biggest, bravest, cleverest and richest shepherd but he isn’t, so when he sees an angel appear on the hillside to tell the world that a special baby is about to be born, none of his friends believe him. They all think its another of Shepherd Little’s stories.

But Shepherd Little is telling the truth and in Bethlehem a new baby has been born. The shepherds travel to Bethlehem to meet him.

Key Stage one gave a fabulous performance of this play to a packed hall filled with proud parents, the narrators spoke with great confidence and all the characters on stage were loud and clear. In between the action the children sang beautifully, finishing with away in a manger.

We can’t wait to see what their shows in KS2 will be like, these kids are great!

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