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When Harry Met Parklands

We were so proud to receive a visit from Harry Gration to our wonderful school. He along with Richard Burgon MP, Michael Harvey and Trevor Frost made a judging panel to see what the best joke in Seacroft would be. After a brilliant tour of the school which wowed our special guests, it was down to business.

What is Voice Box?

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) have teamed up with The Communication Trust to run this year’s Voice Box competition. It encourages schools to hold a joke-telling competition and submit the winning joke to RCSLT with 10 pupils being shortlisted and invited to the final which is to be held at Westminster!

How did we find our comedians at Parklands?

During this term, Miss Julie Carr our inspirational Speech and Language Therapist introduced the competition within an assembly and visited each classroom to deliver joke workshops. She also ran lunch time joke clubs. This provided the children with an opportunity to talk about what makes a joke funny and explore some of the vocabulary they didn’t understand. After delivering all the wonderful clubs and workshops, Miss Carr stated “I cannot walk down the corridor at break time without a child telling me they have a joke. It’s also lovely to hear the children telling jokes to each other and I’d like to think this is something that will continue after Voice Box is over!”

Within their half term holiday, Children from Year 1 to Year 6 worked extremely hard creating posters to display in school, which advertised the competition. Some of our Year 6 children were excellent at incorporating persuasive phrases within their posters.

After many weeks of Joke clubs, Mr Dyson, Miss Carr and Miss Butler short listed the children who would be performing at the Parklands competition. The week of the competition, 41 children practised incessantly on delivering their comedic routine.

How did the competition day unfold?

On Friday 20th November at 2pm, Parklands Primary School held their Voice Box competition to find a winner to submit to Westminster and the Leeds City wide Voice Box Final on the 11th December 2015.

A panel of judges listened to each of the 41 children perform their jokes on stage. The panel consisted of the following four members:   Harry Gration (BBC News Correspondent and former Commentator), Michael Harvey (from the Business in the Community Organisation), Richard Burgon (Local MP) and Trevor Frost (from TD Stockbrokers). All children who participated were awarded with a golden smiley face medal and the winner was presented with a Voice Box trophy. The medals and trophy were kindly donated by Maureen Carr and staff at Richard Hardlie LTD in Ashington, Northumberland.   A finalist and the top six runners up were chosen.

Who were the deserving winners?

Congratulations to TJ Ball in 5W who won the competition with his winning joke: Three baby princess potatoes were chatting. The first baby Princess Potato said “When I get older, I will marry someone really posh…” The other two baby princess potatoes said “Who are you going to marry?” The first baby potato said “When I’m older, I will marry a King Edward. The other two baby princess potatoes said “Oh that’s posh!” The second baby Princess Potato said “ooooo really posh.” The other two baby princess potatoes said “Who are you going to marry?” The second baby Princess Potato said “When I get older, I’m going to marry a Jersey Royal.” The other two said “oooo that’s posh.” The third baby Princess Potato said, “When I get older, I will marry Harry Gration”. The other two baby princess potatoes said “urgh you can’t do that…” The third baby Princess Potato said “why?…… “Because he is a common tater!”

Ellie (5W), Callum (4C), Jacob (1A), Abigaelle (4C), Danny (6D) and Bradley (3N), were the top six fabulous runners up. All 7 children will now compete in the Leeds City wide Voice Box Final on the 11th December 2015. Good Luck!


What does Harry Gration think of Parklands Primary School?

After the competition Harry Gration sent the following in an email to Mr Dyson,

“I have never left a school with such a buzz and sense of real achievement. Every member of staff, every child lifted me and I am sure the other judges felt similarly proud to have been part of it. Well done to all.”