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World Book Day in Year 1 started with a surprise, when the children entered the classroom to find out that their chairs had decided to quit!
The chairs had had enough of not being tucked in, being sat on and so the children had to write a letter to ask if they would please come back – we quickly found out that kneeling on the floor is not a comfortable way to work!
After that, Year 1 paired up to read their favourite pictures book so they could write a book review. They thought about who the author was, their favourite part in the book and even drew their favourite scene.
In theme with The Day The Crayons Quit, Year 1 also designed their own unique crayons and thought about what that crayon would enjoy colouring in! There were lots of great ideas and we decided that a Sparkly Gold crayon would be a great addition.
Finally, we let loose with all our colours to colour in a normal picture with a twist – orange trees, green sky and blue grass so that all our colours felt valued. It certainly inspired lots of creativity and laughter!