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We are so honoured to have made such brilliant links with Fulneck Independent School as for the first time we offered our wonderful Year 3 children the chance to experience an ‘out of this world’ trip to the picturesque Fulneck grounds for a #SpaceCamp.

To have Fulneck open the doors to their world class Science Faculty was the ultimate learning experience. Having Dr’s of Science teaching our pupils is something that they will never ever forget.

Some people achieve amazing things in their lives. Recently, Fulneck School pupils voted for their greatest ever former Fulneck School pupil. The competition was steep, with a field that included a Prime Minister, a Nobel Prize winner and a star of Game of Thrones! On February 14th, the day of ‘love’ saw Fulneck share so much more… what a perfect residential.

Founded in 1753, Fulneck School is an historic independent school with a Christian ethos. Located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, in the heart of England, the School is set within a peaceful village community and settlement dating back to 1739.

When we arrived, the children couldn’t contain their excitement as they saw all the space pods laid out for them in the East Hall. After choosing their tents and dropping off their things, the children were treated to a delicious lunch and enjoyed some playtime in the fantastic school grounds.

Before long, Year 3 were taking part in Space Camp workshops, they learnt about the different planets and constellations, making their very own planet maps and constellation books to help them find the stars in the night sky. The next workshop was all about the International Space Station (ISS) and rockets. Year 3 were incredibly lucky to see a live stream from the ISS and watch the sun rise over planet earth. Learning about rockets was fascinating as they got to see a rocket explosion, accompanied by many excited gasps and cheers, as fire appeared from the end of the rocket, also finding out what it takes to launch a rocket into space. The children also took part in a quiz to find out if they had what it takes to become an astronaut. Having some of the best Science teachers in the UK teaching our pupils is something we will never forget.

Later that evening, Year 3 were treated to a delicious Fish and Chip supper, followed up by a beautiful, scenic torchlit walk through Fulneck. There is something special about walking in the dark with a torch. We set the high tech telescope up to look at the stars, sadly Storm Dennis was brewing and the cloud cover was getting intense to see the stars in their full glory.

To blow off some steam it was time for some Dodgeball, the children were incredibly excited, especially when the teachers decided to join in for a game of children vs teachers. Again for these children using a fully stocked sports hall was a first for many of them. Then it was time to return to the space pods, get our pyjamas on and enjoy a cup of tasty hot chocolate whilst watching the original Star Wars film before bed. Mrs Sant read a space themed bedtime story before the lights were turned off and the children went to sleep to dream of their wonderful day.

Bright and early Saturday morning, the children were up, packed and ready for bacon sandwiches. Then it was time to head back to Parklands. Sadly, we packed our things back onto the mini-bus and said goodbye to the fantastic school and the Principle of the outstanding Fulneck School, Mr Taylor. Partnerships are everything and these guys went over and above in treating our wonderful children to a life long experience. What an amazing space camp adventure.