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Y5 In House Residential

Y5 In House Residential

Whilst we sadly had to postpone our Whitby residential until next year, Y5 still had a fantastic celebration to end the year. We enjoyed an in house residential with team building and FUN FUN Fun!

Challenge One: Cross the crocodile-infested river from one side to the other using two life support rings (hula -hoops). Each team member had to be in the ring to cross, Move the rings along, and then all team members climb to the life support before moving the last ring in front of them again.
Challenge Two: In a class circle, pass a hula hoop around the circle while holding hands – not as easy as they first thought, but through team work and good communication they solved it!
Challenge Three: Game – Don’t drop the ball, as a group, the children had to use drainpipes to pass a ball from one side of the river to the other, without dropping it and without moving their feet if they had the ball in their pipe. It was BRILLIANT, there were intact some balls dropped, but after some serious problem solving and lots of laughter, all Year 5 teams managed to succeed!
Then onto activities. . .
Activity One: Fencing, certainly not something we see every day; the activity began with understanding the discipline and respect in the fencing sport. The children were taught the footsteps and rules of the exercise and showed great enthusiasm in learning these new skills. Add in the French – En-garde, Salute and Allez, and these children were as good as the three musketeers. They had the opportunity to use actual fencing equipment (helmets and practice blades) and demonstrated a passion for acquiring a unique new talent, which finished on a high with real assaults (a friendly game between two fencers, where scores are kept) in order to find out who our top fencer is!
Activity Two: Lazer wars shooting range – an activity like no other – combining their shooting skills with track running and obstacle courses. Using real competition target laser guns, the children had the chance to improve their accuracy skills. The teams competed in races for points for their speed, endurance and accuracy for hitting the perfect target.
To top it off, our fun was fuelled by Dominos Pizza, fizzy pop and buns in the glorious sunshine. It was a memorable day for all and we could see the children problem-solving, decision-making and learning collaborative skills.

We are starting the day with more team building to test our communication skills and leadership! It was so much fun and all children grew as part of a team, some showing strong leadership, others great communication, others organisation or conflict resolution. It was awesome to see!
First Activity was Speed Cones: They had to move fast and quick to get all the lights before the time ran out. Not as simple as it looks! The children collected points for their teams through various chase activities. It didn’t always just rely on their speed. There were times when the children had to work together and required their logical thinking skills to work out the most efficient routes.

Second Activity: Laser wars Tournament.

Four teams were made, but only one became champions in our Laser wars Tournament. The KS2 playground was turned into a futuristic war zone, with walls, camouflage and a broken-down tank to duck behind. The teams were given weaponry from the future; these laser guns were not toys. This wasn’t laser tag; they could shoot over 200 metres away and had accurate targeting scopes. While some teams were shooting at each other, the other teams were building bug hotels peacefully away from the warzone. Using acorns, string and a plank of wood, the children turned these into beautiful places for insects to reside.

All in all our 2 day residential was a total hit – laughter, smiles and fun – Good Luck in Year 6 and hopefully you’ll be able to go on your PGL Residential next year!