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Year One

Miss Rooprai (Mon+Tue)
Mrs Dyson – Teacher (Wed, Thur, Fri)
Miss Waite – Teaching Assistant
Mrs Feasey – Teaching Assistant
Miss Sunderland – Teacher
Miss Craddy – Teaching Assistant

Year 1 – Latest News

Year 1 performed their first assembly today!

Year 1 performed their first assembly today, showcasing all the things that they have been learning about in English, science and art. They have been reading the story Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear? and the children acted out all the parts with clear speaking... read more

1S to the rescue

Disaster! – the Lego men had been trapped in the ice by the evil Ice-Man… 1S bravely rescued them from the kitchen with a little help from Miss Hattersley and brought them into the safety of their classroom. They then used their science skills to... read more

Fair Trade

To finish our super Spring term, Parklands learnt all about Fairtrade and the need to spot the label. Reception made tasty chocolate crispy buns using Fairtrade chocolate. Year 1 made an amazing Fairtrade feast. They made their own special recipe Fairtrade lemonade... read more

The story of Shepherd Little

Shepherd Little has difficulties with the truth, Shepherd Little often tells lies. He will tell you he is the biggest, bravest, cleverest and richest shepherd but he isn’t, so when he sees an angel appear on the hillside to tell the world that a special baby is... read more

Y1 Samosas

In Year 1 Miss Rooprai showed us how to make samosas and we had a go at making our own. We are going to base our learning in literacy this week on how to make samosas, and we think that if their writing is even half as good as their samosas it will be... read more

1S learn about bats and owls

1S enjoyed learning all about bats and owls and how they hunt, they played bat and moth to learn about echo location, tried using their sense of smell to guess different scents and played different owl games to see if their hearing was as good as an owl. Did you know... read more

Singing Assembly

This morning Reception told the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. They sang beautifully and the acting was spectacular! After, year 1 and 2 performed ‘Eddie the Penguin Saves the World’. They told us about ways in which  we can help to save the world. They read their... read more

Going batty about bats in Year 1

Miss Hattersley joined 1S on Wednesday afternoon to share with them some cool science activities. Year one are reading Owl babies at the moment and learning about nocturnal animals, so Miss Hattersley themed their session all around bats. They started by listening to... read more

Samosas in Year One

The children in Year 1 are learning about the festival of Diwali and this week they learned how to make samosas with Miss Rooprai, don’t they look delicious! They will also be writing instructions for how to make a... read more

Y1 and the Ugly Duckling

We are soooo blessed at Parklands – of all the schools in the word we were the school to provide the ‘Test Audience’ for the new NORTHERN BALLET – #CEEBEEBIES ballet for children. The lovely Y1 children got to experience the worls class... read more