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Year One


Miss Rooprai (Teacher)
Mrs Jones (Teaching Assistant)


Catch up teacher – Mrs Dyson

Miss Sunderland (Teacher)
Miss Ahmed (Teaching Assistant)

Year 1 – Latest News

Filming with the BBC

We are so lucky, well our Y1 children are so lucky, that we’re selected to appear on a Teaching Dance TV special for the BBC. I can’t tell you how impressive they all were. So tranquil and peaceful. So proud of our... read more

Recycling at Parklands

Recycling here at Parklands means means so much – we are so proud to be partners of @ArdaghGlass. This gains school around £2000 a year. The work Dana Cambell does for the community and #SeacroftWombles is to be applauded nearly 2 tonnes of glass – thanks... read more

Year 1 Assembly

A brilliant assembly to kick start the day all about the Cold! Very suitable for this time of year! All children sang and the children with speaking parts were amazing – speaking really loud and all had learned their words by heart. Well done Year... read more

Zoolab visit Yr 1

Year 1 were very lucky to have a visit from Zoolab, who brought in lots of minibeasts for us to look at! We got to meet a giant African land snail, a hissing cockroach, a scorpion, a millipede and even a snake! The children learnt lots about bones and whether the... read more

Yr 1 Gymnastics

Year 1 had an excellent morning of gymnastics with Mr W from Premier Education. They learnt all about balance, grip and jumps. They used a range of equipment to test out their new skills, including balancing on a bench, jumping from point to point and even learnt the... read more

Year 1 performed their first assembly today!

Year 1 performed their first assembly today, showcasing all the things that they have been learning about in English, science and art. They have been reading the story Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear? and the children acted out all the parts with clear speaking... read more

1S to the rescue

Disaster! – the Lego men had been trapped in the ice by the evil Ice-Man… 1S bravely rescued them from the kitchen with a little help from Miss Hattersley and brought them into the safety of their classroom. They then used their science skills to... read more

Fair Trade

To finish our super Spring term, Parklands learnt all about Fairtrade and the need to spot the label. Reception made tasty chocolate crispy buns using Fairtrade chocolate. Year 1 made an amazing Fairtrade feast. They made their own special recipe Fairtrade lemonade... read more

The story of Shepherd Little

Shepherd Little has difficulties with the truth, Shepherd Little often tells lies. He will tell you he is the biggest, bravest, cleverest and richest shepherd but he isn’t, so when he sees an angel appear on the hillside to tell the world that a special baby is... read more

Y1 Samosas

In Year 1 Miss Rooprai showed us how to make samosas and we had a go at making our own. We are going to base our learning in literacy this week on how to make samosas, and we think that if their writing is even half as good as their samosas it will be... read more