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Year Three

3A Mrs Alderson – Teacher

Miss Waite – Teaching Assistant (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Mrs Feasey – Teaching Assistant (Mon, Thurs)


3JN Mrs Jimenez-Nova – Teacher

Mrs Sant – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Joseph – HLTA PM


Homework & Reading

Homework is sent home every Friday. This could either be a piece of Literacy or Maths. Your child automatically moves their name up to silver when they return their completed homework to school. In Year 3 we welcome in homework throughout the week.

Miss Waite and Mrs Sant change reading books two times a week, on a Monday and a Thursday. Please take time to read with your child every day, sign and make a comment in their reading record. Just reading two or three pages each day will enable your child to make good progress in reading. If you have any questions or would like additional support please feel free to come in and have a chat. Please ensure that your child has their book bag in school every day so we can read their reading record, change books and send home any letters.


The children get their spellings to take home and learn on a Monday and are tested the following Friday. These spellings are also taught 3 times per week within Literacy. Children have a spelling test on Fridays, where they have to write each word within a sentence. Please help your child learn their spellings at home, as spelling helps so much within all aspects of the curriculum.

Learning in English and Maths

In English we cover the learning objectives set out in the new National Curriculum. This includes a full range of topics over the course of the year. Our non-fiction topics focus on poetry, persuasive writing, explanation writing, diaries and reports. Our fiction writing involves writing a range of narrative stories, such as: mystery, fantasy, adventure, science fiction and historical fiction. In addition we will read a variety of texts as a whole class, during daily guided reading sessions as well as independently. Grammar learning is incorporated daily into our English lessons. It is also taught for an hour, once a week.

In Maths we also follow the objectives set out by the National Curriculum. Lots of our Maths focuses on the ‘basic skills’ of Maths, for example learning times tables and number bonds. Our children need to have a good understanding of numbers so they can use and apply their knowledge and skills effectively in all aspects of numeric life. We always encourage children to use a range of resources and equipment to support their learning in Maths, particularly when solving challenging problems!


Learning Challenge

The Autumn Term is a very exciting time in Year 3 because we start by learning about volcanoes. We will learn how mountains and volcanoes are created and what happens when volcanoes erupt. We will look back at the disaster of Pompeii and see what lessons have been learned. We will also create a model of a volcano and see if we can make an eruption of our own.


In the Spring Term the children learn all about The Stone Age. We will research the different periods of the Stone Age and compare them. We will explore what life was like as a hunter gather and early farmer. We will also learn about different kinds of settlements and the human and physical features which are needed to create those settlements.


In the Summer Term our learning is centered around Ancient Egypt and rivers. We will learn all about Egyptian life using artefacts, video clips and internet research. In Geography we will be learning about the water cycle and the life of rivers. We will be comparing UK Rivers with the river Nile.



Year 3 – Latest News

Paper engineering in year 3

Year 3 worked with Miss Hattersley to investigate how to make the best paper helicopters. They discussed and agreed that the best helicopter would be the one that fell most slowly and steadily. They then tested different size helicopters and helicopters made from... read more

The learning doesn’t stop at five past three

Our children don’t stop learning when the bell goes for home time, look at this fabulous Torah style scroll made by one of our students at home after learning about Judaism in her Year 3 RE lesson. Megan’s cushion she sewed herself is brilliant, her sewing... read more

Y3 Assembly

Y3 gave us an all singing, all dancing brilliant class assembly this morning all about the Stone Age. There were songs sang – We Will Rock You and Ice Ice Baby; acting, poems and a timeline. Over 40 parents... read more

Y3 spectacular assembly

Y3 wowed the world today with a spectacular assembly. Beautiful voices and fantastic sharing of the Iron Man ….. Multiplication in Maths and some hilarious Victorian name sharing. Love these kids and my... read more

Y3/4 Beautiful Carol Service

Y3/4 wowed 150 parents and x5 special guests from Unilever as well as 300 pupils and 62 staff with a beautiful carol service telling the story of Jesus and Christmas. The singing conducted by Mrs Ellerby was stunning with several high impact solos. Mr Cunliffe was... read more

Everything is a learning opportunity

Everything at Parklands is a chance to learn, even our attendance rewards! 3B earned the chance to make chocolate crispy buns by always coming to school and this week they planned and wrote explanation texts about their chocolate crispy... read more

How does your garden grow?

Our garden is doing fabulously, after lots of hard work from children in Years 3 and 4 we are starting to harvest some delicious vegetables which will be making their way into Born and Bred vegetable boxes very... read more

Y3 Class Assembly

Y3 ended the Class Assemblies with a brilliant Victorian assembly. Singing, dancing and acting, showcasing outstanding... read more

Y3 Y4 Space Station Omega

Y3 Y4 relayed their fab singing show all the way from Space Station Omega! The good news is that Captain K and the Starship Marines saved the day! Beautiful singing from two soloists and amazing chorus work. ‘Out of this world’ props were made by Mrs Duffy... read more