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Year 5 – 2017 – Whitby Residential

Year 5 – 2017 – Whitby Residential


“Both classes in Year 5 set off for their residential, set in the beautiful town of Whitby, today. The sky was blue and our spirits were high as we set off from school waved off by many parents and Mrs Darley. The journey was uneventful and the children were excited to see the sea and the ruins of Whitby Abbey as we descended from the moors down towards the coast. The anticipation built as we wound through the narrow streets approaching our home for the next few days; the Youth Hostel. The building is directly behind the Abbey and is a fantastic base to have during our residential. The children excitedly unpacked the coach and we headed towards the Hostel. We were greeted by John, the accommodation manager, and the children listened intently as we went over the essential safety regulations.

Then it was down into Whitby town. We descended for the first time down the 199 stairs from St. Mary’s church down to the town. The children were fascinated to discover where the people of old rested the coffins as they took the strenuous route up to the grave-yard with their bereaved. After this we wended our way through the streets of Whitby heading towards the beach. The day was still warm and, although the tide was coming in, there was still a good expanse of beach. The children instantly sprang to building sandcastles, playing football or roaming the sands looking for fossils. We spent a fantastic couple of hours, with the sun shining. The tide eventually rolled up to us and we trudged back up to the 199 stairs to the hostel.

Then it was up into rooms and the children found out who they were bunking with. An hour was spent getting used to room and room-mates and then we went out onto the field and readied ourselves for tea by playing football. Tea was fantastic! Most of the children ate Spaghetti and Meatballs, with some of them having the jacket potato. It was really good food and filled the children up after a really active day.

To cap the day off we set out off down the 199 stairs again and walked over the river to the Whale-bone arch and Cook Monument. After visiting these we made it back to the hostel and after a bed-time story the children headed off to their rooms. By 10.00 all the children were asleep, looking forward to the packed day that we have in store tomorrow.”